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Journey Journal: Days 14-23

Days 14-16: Monday through Wednesday, January 14-16, 2013

Still eating lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, and lean meats. Down 3 pounds so far. Finally broke down and bought an elliptical with some Christmas money. We did a lot of research and finally bit the bullet on the Nordic Track ACT Elliptical from Sears Outlet. It took three of us to get the box into the house, then we broke open the box and carried the individual parts upstairs (there was no way we would have made it up the stairs with the box intact). Only downside…they forgot to put the hardware in the box, so we’re waiting on the company to ship us the nuts and bolts to hold the thing together. In the meantime, it was a really rainy week, so I’ve missed my walks.

Creamy, Warm Curry Sauce + Citrusy, Fresh Slaw = Healthy Deliciousness!

Day 17: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bryan made steamed rice and sautéed chicken thighs with a coconut curry sauce. It was delicious! I tried a new recipe from Food & Wine Magazine: Brussels Sprouts Slaw with Peanuts and Pomegranate.  I used regular oil instead of olive and hazelnut oils (b/c I ran out), and I used chopped roasted raw peanuts instead of hazelnuts. I forgot to add the Parmigiano-Reggiano, but I’m sure that would be a great addition too. Very citrusy and fresh!

Days 18-19: Friday and Saturday, January 18-19, 2013

I enjoyed eating leftover Brussels Sprouts Slaw this weekend. Friday, I got to have coffee while walking with my good friend Ashley downtown. That evening, we had our new neighbors over for dinner. We had a really good time and I’m thankful for this new relationship. Saturday morning, my sister brought her boys over for some Wii Mario Kart and Bowling competitions. Always a blast!

Day 20: Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good service this morning at church. And really good conversation with Bryan about goals and ministry philosophy, etc. A quick lunch, then another Sunday afternoon hike with the young adult group and a healthful stir fry dinner afterwards!

Days 21-23: Monday through Wednesday, January 21-23, 2013

It’s been pretty busy at work this week so far, but it’s enjoyable work, so I don’t mind. I’ve been starting my mornings with oatmeal topped with baked apples, trail mix, and flax seed for breakfast with my coffee. Lunch has been simple and healthful leftovers. Still low on the exercise until the elliptical parts show up, since it’s finally gotten cold here, but I am tracking my food most days and down a total of 5 pounds now! Encouraged. Also encouraged by various relationships at church. We had church supper tonight before prayer meeting, and it was amazing to see the Body working together: preparing food, serving, cleaning up, praying, hugs, conversations, etc. So thankful for each of the friends God has given me–and that the Gospel is bigger than what stage of life we’re in–single, married with no kids, college students, widowed, divorced, teenagers, working moms, stay-at-home moms, retired, kids, etc. God is SO big!!

A House Full of Fourth Graders!

Bryan and I have been teaching fourth grade Sunday School with our friends, Dave & Rachel, for a little over a year now. This semester, we decided to motivate the kids to memorize their verses with an end of year pizza party (and, of course, a chance to play the Wii). So, Rachel and I split the grocery list and sent out the invites. Pretty much everyone said all of their verses and a lot of them were able to make it to the party.

"Mrs. Melissa" & "Mrs. Rachel"

We made homemade pizza. I made the dough from Mrs. McCormick’s sourdough starter and Rachel brought the toppings. We had chips, veggies and dip, and strawberries.

Fruits & Veggies

The Fixin's

Suzanna's and Lauren's pizza (wearing our aprons - very nice!)

Justin's & Colin's Pizza (they made it into a bullseye; love the glasses!)

Hailey's Pizza (wearing Miss Rachel's apron)

Jedidiah's pizza

Mr. Bryan's & Darien's Pizza (Darien loves cheese, can you tell?!)

Tons of Pizza Made by 4th Graders and Their Crazy Teachers!

Eating Pizza on the Back Porch

They played MarioKart and SmashBrothers on the Wii, Hide & Go Seek, and Apples to Apples.

Playing Wii

More Wii...

And More Wii (Mr. Dave and Mr. Bryan were the Entertainment Committee)

We have several pianists in the group (which makes Mrs. Rachel happy, since she's a piano teacher). These kids are good too! I was impressed!

And Apples to Apples...we had to discard 1/2 the stack because they didn't know what the words were. Oops! I think I need to buy the Junior edition!

Apples to Apples...they pretty much tied.

And for dessert, Rachel made brownies and I bought ice cream. The kids got to top their sundaes with all kinds of stuff.

Mmm! Brownie Sundaes!

What a great group of kids! We’re really going to miss them next year! We had a great time learning the Names of God this year! Only one more month till they graduate to 5th Grade! Wow! They’ve grown so much this year! We love each of you!

The kids arrived at 11 and were picked up around 2. It was a great time! After the party, we cleaned up and had a nice cup of coffee and chatted. We are so blessed to have been paired with Dave & Rachel this year. They’ve become some of our closest friends! God is so good to us!