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Journey Journal: Days 120-122

Day 120: Tuesday, April 30, 2013

After work, I headed home and Bryan and I made a dinner of omelets and veggies. Then my friend Emily (my cousin’s girlfriend) came over to say her “see-you-later”s before she graduates from college on Friday and moves away. It was a really good chat. I will miss our regular Sunday afternoon chats with my English-major, coffee buddy.

Day 121: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Started the morning with coffee and Gospel conversation with my good friend Diana. Then headed to work for the day. After work, I stopped by Goga and caught up with my friend Leigh! Then I swung through Chik-fil-a for a quick bite before Shepherding Group.

We discussed Pastor Brooks’ Sunday morning sermon “Thirsty for Something More” from John 4. It reminded me of the wonderful, old hymn “Satisfied” (WORDS: Clara T. Williams, MUSIC: Ralph E. Hudson, c. 1875):

“All my life long I had panted
for a drink from some cool spring
that I hoped would quench the burning
of the thirst I felt within.

“Hallelujah! I have found him
whom my soul so long has craved!
Jesus satisfies my longings;
through his blood I now am saved.

“Well of water ever springing,
…my Redeemer is to me.”

I’ve been meditating on this a lot this week. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life: home, family, work, church, ministry, etc. When it comes to the Christian life, it often seems easier to get in a rut of “second hand” knowledge–listening to sermons, discussing Christian books, debating theology, listening to good music, etc. And even though all of these things are good, there will not be true satisfaction until our relationship with Christ is direct and personal–there is a definite need for slowing down, meditating, and building a one-on-one relationship with God. It’s not always easy (especially with the inundation of social media, active social lives, and information overload), but maybe it’s not meant to be easy. This is my prayer–that I will learn to “be still and know” God.

Day 122: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Got a late start this morning, so I stopped by Chik-fil-a for a breakfast burrito on my way to work. Lunch was multi-grain tortilla chips, roasted red pepper hummus, cucumber slices and pepper strips. Busy, long, and productive day at the office–I don’t mind long days when they’re productive like this! Around 5 p.m., I left work briefly for a walk and stopped by Publix to pick up some dinner (since Bryan was going out with the guys tonight). Headed back to work and heated up some Birds Eye Steamfresh Lightly Sauced Rigatoni & Vegetables with Tomato Parmesan Sauce. For $1.18 (50% off at Publix on Wade Hampton this week), it was a perfect dinner! Finished up some work, vacuumed, and headed home around 8:30 p.m.

Filling My Plate with the Good Stuff (Mar. 3, 2010)

We recently were invited to join two couples at the Grove Park Inn for their famous Sunday brunch after church. They were offering a buy one get one special for their Sunday brunch, so we decided to join. They had two rooms filled to the brim with breakfast options, meats, cheeses, desserts, seafood, soup, and all sorts of deliciousness. It was impossible to taste everything that was offered. Though everything I sampled was very tasty, I left having sampled too much. And once again I learned the lesson that my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

I was thinking about it later, and it reminded me of watching The Biggest Loser on TV. They have those cases full of tempting treats that are not healthful for you, but then they have kitchens full of healthful, natural foods that satisfy. It reminded me of my life. How often do I think “my plate is too full” and “I just can’t add anything else to my life right now,” or “I don’t have time to read my Bible.” Well, maybe I’m filling my life’s plate with the wrong stuff. Even good stuff in excess is bad for me. So I’m taking a step back, just like I would with my eating habits, and looking at my life habits, trying to choose what needs to be on my plate, and what needs to stay on the “pantry shelf” or go in the garbage.

Things like hours of TV because “I deserve a break” need to go in the garbage. And things that have been in the pantry, like reading my Bible every day, need to be on my plate. It’s like trashing the candy bar for the piece of fruit. We can train our tastebuds to enjoy healthful things, and we can train on hearts to crave meaningful things too. I am always more satisfied after finishing reading my Bible than finishing a television show, even if it’s my favorite television show. I think about God often and pray every day for something, but I tend to read my Bible in preparation for small group, Bible study, or Sunday School, instead of as building a relationship with my Savior.

I was reading a devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries today that talked about scheduling regular retreats with God. I need one of those. So, I’m scheduling Saturday morning as my retreat with God (and Saturday afternoon, I’m scheduling to finish my taxes).

So, each day, I have a buffet of choices before me. It contains things like work, church, school, family, friends, God-and-I time, eating, exercising, TV, music, hobbies, Facebook, shopping, chores, Twitter, gardening, bills, volunteering, and the “menu” goes on. Each day, I will choose what I need to eat instead of what I might want to put on my plate. Sure, sometimes the candy bar is the quick answer, but it won’t last long. I want to put things on my plate that will supply satisfying effects for a lifetime and, ultimately, that will matter for eternity.