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Happy New Year – 2012 Resolutions and Retrospection on 2011 Goals

Every year, I try to take some time at the beginning of the year and reflect on what God’s done, what He’s taught me through the year, how I failed and succeeded, and how I can improve for the next year.

Let’s start with last year’s resolutions. Overall, I did fairly well, especially the first half of the year. Unfortunately, the last quarter of the year seemed to jump out and surprise me (like it seems to every year), so I have some similar resolutions this year.

2011 Goals:

  • live a simpler, calmer life – Overall, we did pretty well on this; still learning to say no to pet projects and social activities.
  • read my Bible more – I always start well on this goal and then have spurts throughout the year depending on the “busy seasons” (see #1), so this one is back on the list.
  • share the gospel with more people – I actually did see growth in this area; the more I got excited about the Bible, the more it poured out of my heart and into my daily conversations, but I never want to stop growing in this area.
  • walk 3 miles as many days as possible – Once again, I started the year well, and had healthful spurts throughout the year, but exercise definitely needs to become more of a priority this year (I still want to do strength training, Pilates and Yoga as well).
  • get to sleep earlier – FAIL: definitely trying for this one again this year.
  • less coffee and more water – WIN, though I still want to continue to drink more water. Oh, did I mention I’m actually drinking my coffee black most days now!? Who would’ve thought!?
  • eat well – WIN, and am determined to continue this throughout the rest of my life!
  • get certified as an A.C.E. Personal Trainer – FAIL: this is definitely a goal for 2012.
  • read more watch less – a continual goal, and though I can say I read more this year than last year, I’m not sure I did so well at the less TV watching part of this goal, so we’ll keep trying.budget and save – this one was challenging because the first few months of 2011, Bryan was unemployed, but he did find a job in the spring and we actually have been able to build up some savings again.

2012 Resolved:

  • Be Still. 
    • Seek God More Passionately. This means reading my Bible more, praying more, and sharing God with others more. I want to saturate myself in the Word, reading it with the energy I would pick up a great novel I wanted to finish and not just crossing off a checklist item. I also want to make praying for my husband Bryan more of a priority.
    • Learn to Say No. I want to learn to be still, to be less busy, to rest more, and fully enjoy the life God has provided me. That means not saying, “Sure,” every time someone asks me to do something I enjoy or feel obligated to do; it means saying, “Let me check with Bryan and get back with you. When do you need an answer?” and actually checking with Bryan before committing to anything, especially when it involves both of us. And it means saying no to watching “just one more episode” before bedtime, or reading “one more chapter,” or checking Facebook “one more time” (as if anything’s changed in 15 minutes that can’t wait for the morning). It means taking tips from my laid back husband and attempt to be less of an “over-achiever,” as he calls me.
    • Read More and Watch Less. I want to always be reading 1 educational book and 1 book for enjoyment at all times. And I want to make sure that the time I spend watching TV is less than the time I spend reading each day.
  • Be Healthy.
    • Eat More Plants. I’ve read lots of books and blogs and articles and watched numerous documentaries this year, including the most recent “Forks Over Knives,” and have decided that for the first 12 weeks of 2012, I am going to try to follow The China Study diet. That means eating a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet: lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, no refined sugars or highly processed products, and only 5% of my calories can come from animal products or byproducts (meat, fish, dairy, etc.) – which is about 100 calories per day or 700 calories per week and still allows for appropriate levels of B12, etc.
    • Move More. For the next 12 weeks, my goal is to exercise (walk, yoga, or strength train) for no less than 30 minutes 4 days per week. The end goal is to be exercising for no less than 60 minutes 6 days per week by the end of 2012.
    • Sleep Properly. I want to be in bed by 9 or 10 PM as often as possible, so I can get at least 7 or 8 hours of solid sleep and be up by 6 AM at the latest each day.

In other news, 2011 wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be, but it was exactly what God had planned. The house did not sell, so we took it off the market. We would still like to sell, but we’re waiting for a clearer direction from God. Bryan started working as a security guard in late February or early March, which means adjusting to opposite sleep/work schedules. And he’s considering going back to school, so we’re likely going to have to adjust to a whole new life schedule soon. I did not complete my ACE certification, but I did start blogging for Milk and Honey Organics in exchange for “free” produce each week, which has really helped the budget. In more exciting news, we’re up to 10 nieces and nephews now (soon to be 11)! And my brother got engaged to the lovely Lissa, so we’re looking forward to a trip to NYC and a wedding in 2012.

Well, that’s the year in review with a glimpse ahead. Happy New Year and don’t forget to share your resolutions on the GiveAway post for a chance to win a free cookbook!