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“Could More Meat Mean Weaker Bones? Why to Up Your Veggie Intake”

I’ve been reading through The pH Miracle Diet book recently (slowly, as I have time), so this article was interesting to me. Fortunately, Gene says this doesn’t mean you have to go raw vegan on your friends and family. It’s simply choosing to eat healthfully, which probably means a little less meat for most of us Americans. Don’t forget, a serving of meat is 3 oz. (the size of a deck of playing cards or a BlackBerry) NOT a 12 oz. steak! When you eat meat, choose lean options. And try to go vegetarian at least one day a week as possible.

Check out this article by Gene Hamshaw of ChoosingRaw.com at the Whole Living Blog for more information. Here’s an excerpt:

“Our bodies are designed to maintain homeostasis (sameness), so our systems search for ways to neutralize acid buildup. One way is to “buffer” acid with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. And one very good place to get these minerals is our skeletal system. However, when our bodies assimilate too much animal protein, they turn to our bones for aid in neutralizing the digestive by products. Which may be why countries with the highest protein consumption so often happen to be plagued by osteoperosis.”

Ultimately, bone protection is a multi-part process. Calcium (and Vitamin D) are important, but so is eating a nourishing diet that’s rich in alkaline foods (like dark, leafy greens) and mindful of acid-forming foods (like meats, dairy, and alcohol). Exercise and strength training play a huge role in osteoporosis prevention, too, so don’t forget to hit the gym or pull out the home dumbbells three times weekly if you can!”