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2013 Journey to Lean Begins: The Year of the “Vegivore”

For the McKinnons, 2012 was a year of change, as you can see in our annual Christmas letter (or maybe I should say “tri-annual,” as it’s been a few years since we actually mailed one out). With all that change, we were pretty busy…and with that busyness, we added on a few extra pounds around our waistlines, so I’m hoping that 2013 is a year to lean out again.

Goals for 2013: 

  • Keep count of calories, fitness, and water intake using LiveStrong.com’s My Plate app.
  • No pop, soda, soft drink…whatever you call it!
  • Drink between 64 and 128 oz. of water each day! (This does not included coffee or caffeinated tea intakes, for the record.)
  • Walk or run a 5K five times each week! (A 5K is only 3.1 miles, so it’s not as huge as it might sound.)
  • Do weight-bearing exercise and/or yoga three times each week in addition to the walking!
  • Limit sugars, and when I do have them, make sure they’re either raw cane sugar or local honey!
  • Continue to eat as much all-natural and organic foods as possible.
  • Eat three healthful meals, full of vegetables and fruits, and only snack when I’m actually hungry!

There’s a new term floating around the Food Blog strata: “Vegivore.” That’s right! You’ve heard of vegetarians and vegans, you’ve heard of the famous omnivore who enjoys it all. Well, the vegivore enjoys everything too, while focusing on plant-based foods. And this year, I’m jumping on the bandwagon with Michael Pollan and eating “mostly plants.”

It doesn’t mean I’m eliminating meats or dairy or grains, but I am going to make sure that the majority of my plate is covered with plant-based foods first. I started a “Plant-Based Foodie” board on Pinterest.com. Feel free to check it out. It’s got some really colorful, nutritious recipe ideas–from Vegetarian Taco Salad to Sweet Potato Burgers to Cheesy Quinoa Bites (okay, so the cheese isn’t plant-based, but it’s still yummy in small quantities!) We’ve also started experimenting with different curry dishes and egg roll recipes! The possibilities are endless!

Also, I’m going to hide the “Workout Log” and “Bible Reading Log” pages from the site for now, as I’ll be updating you on those things in regular blog posts. While these pages were helpful in their infancy, they quickly became just one more thing to update. So, in an effort to simplify, I’m eliminating them for now. I hope you won’t miss them too much.

I’m excited to start this journey anew, with a fresh perspective during this New Year! Won’t you join me?!

Weekly Recipes and Meal Plan

This Week’s Basket from Milk and Honey Organics Included: Red Potatoes, Yellow Onions, Jonagold Apples, Bosc Pears, Pomegranates, Roma Tomatoes, Shallots, Parisi Farms’ Broccoli Crowns, Mustard Greens and Butternut Squash. My butternut squash so was so adorable – yes, I honestly think produce can be cute. ;) Some baskets had kiwi and lettuce, but I have plenty of lettuce because I had coupons to use from Organic Girl by the end of 2011.

This Week’s Meal Plan: I’m eating a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet, with only 5% of my calories from animal protein, but I did add optional meat, egg, and cheese options for my husband.
Recipes in the Meal Plan: