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Journey Journal: Days 92-95

Day 92: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Made the goodbye rounds in Ohio–grandmas, family, friends who were at the hospital to have their first baby, and a last minute stop for coffee at George House Coffee–then we split one of their Pistachio Muffins as we got out of dodge. The staff was very friendly and one of them actually lived in Taylors, South Carolina, for a while–right around the corner from where we go to church! Another customer was from Findlay (like me) and back visiting before she headed home to another town South Carolina. Small world!

Stopped a little off the beaten path in Kettering, Ohio, for lunch at a restaurant we hadn’t heard of before: Meadowlark Restaurant. It was fabulous! Bryan had the turkey thigh tacos with their potato string fries with housemade curried ketchup (quite possibly the best fries and ketchup I’ve ever eaten). I had a grilled chicken sandwich with fried lemon slices (my favorite part), tapenade and roasted tomatoes, and a side of borscht soup. I only wished I lived closer so we could try more of their dishes. And the atmosphere was relaxed yet professional–everything from business meetings to ladies luncheons to dads with kids to a romantic date.


Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Fried Lemons and a Side of Borscht

Turkey Tacos and French Fries

Turkey Tacos and French Fries

Finished the rest of the trip with only a couple traffic jams…and maybe a few more stops at Starbucks. Had a really good time talking and listening to music with my man!

Day 93-95: Wednesday-Friday, April 3-5, 2013

Back to work. And back to Goga. So glad to be back in the gym (and the sauna) after some long days in the car. And thankful that the sun decided to show it’s face this afternoon! Hoping the prediction of a sunny weekend is right! This girl’s ready for Spring!

Journey Journal: Days 88-91

Day 88: Friday, March 29, 2013

An amazing Good Friday service tonight at church, beginning the celebration of our Great Savior Jesus Christ! So thankful that my sins–all of them–have been nailed to the cross!

Day 89: Saturday, March 30, 2013

Left early for our drive to Ohio to spend Easter weekend with my family. Thank goodness for granola bars, bananas, nuts, and…Starbucks. Of course, the real reason for the trip was to meet my newest niece…who is so sweet and adorable, especially when she coos!

Day 90: Sunday, March 31, 2013

Went to church with my brother and his family, then shared Easter dinner with the whole family (except for my brother in law). Mom made a delicious ham topped with cherry jam, mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar and pecans, butter-dill red potatoes, and a beautiful mixed greens salad. After dinner, dad pulled out the projector and old slides and we had some good, nostalgic laughs from the 80s and 90s. Finished up with some coffee and pie.


Easter Dinner

Day 91: Monday, April 1, 2013

Bryan and I had breakfast with mom and dad at Bob Evans. I spent the morning with my mom and sister, while Bryan graciously watched the nephews. Then spent the afternoon with my sister in law and her new baby! Dinner with my folks, sister and her family, followed by more time with my brother and his family in the evening. I’m thankful for the time to get to know my sister in law better.