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Meal Planning…

Since my baby is just starting to eat solids, I’m thinking meal planning is a good idea–to make sure he gets the nutrient dense foods he needs. So far he’s loved everything we’ve tried–from asparagus and avocados to oatmeal and sweet potatoes, from apples and bananas to baked beans and spaghetti sauce, from green beans to peaches, and the list goes on.

Do you meal plan? Ever feel like this?

Meal Planning

Before you end your week in tears and hatred, check out the recipes page or meal plans on this blog for some new inspiration! Or start a free Pepperplate account to make meal planning (and shopping) fast and easy! I also have several foodie boards on Pinterest, if that helps.

Bon Appetit!

Eat Right America! Free Nutritional Analysis!

I found this site on Whole Foods Market’s blog. It’s absolutely amazing! They’re offering a free analysis with the Key Code: CERAWSBLG. Check it out!

Once you’ve set up your login, click on “My Nutrition Prescription” on the left nav bar, and enter your info. It helps if you’ve had a glucose blood test done recently, but it’s necessary. You type in answers to questions about how many times per week you consume certain types of food and how often you participate in other activities, such as exercise, and it gives you a 30+ page analysis, comparing your habits/risks with the average American and minimum nutritional guidelines.

It also gives tons of information about becoming a “Nutritarian.” Basically, a Nutritarian gets most of his/her calories from Nutrient Dense Foods. The Nutritarian Pyramid looks like this:

The Results can be saved as a PDF. It includes some great information including a 28 day meal plan with recipes! Plus, you get 30 days free access to the site. Enjoy!