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Journey Journal: Days 84-87

Day 84: Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday to “My Journey To Lean” blog! It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since I started this blog–and even longer since I first started blogging.(July 28, 2005 was my first ever blogpost!…almost 8 years ago now!) Lots has changed since it started, but I’m still enjoying the journey, and I hope you are too!

Bryan made up some scrambled eggs and warmed up some leftover ham with a little maple syrup for breakfast before work. It was really good.

For lunch, I had the ham and bean soup we made yesterday with a side salad. The soup was started by making ham broth out of the bone from Sunday dinner’s baked ham. After simmering for several hours, I discarded the bone and strained the broth (yielded about 12 cups), reserving as much ham as I could. Then I sautéed onion, carrots, and garlic in some olive oil with salt, pepper, a couple of bay leaves, crushed red pepper, and worcestershire sauce in the stockpot. I added about half of the broth back in, along with the ham meat (about 2 c.), a bag of frozen kale, and 1 cup each of dry red beans and dry Northern beans, and let it simmer for about 4 more hours, till the beans were perfect.

Had an adventure this afternoon when Bryan’s keys fell out of his pocket onto the carseat (after he had locked the car door). Oops. Then we realized we hadn’t made a copy for this car’s keys yet. Oops again. Fortunately, we were able to use a couple coat hangers and screwdrivers to get the keys. I’m actually surprised this was the first time we’ve had to do this–too bad it was one of the colder days of the year, and his jacket got locked inside the car with the keys (of course).

Day 85: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Long, busy day. We’re hitting crunch time with various deadlines at the office, and I’m working diligently on my multi-tasking skills. For lunch, the whole office headed to Brick Street Cafe for a special celebration lunch for Katie, our bookkeeper who is retiring after this week. She is an incredible asset and will be greatly missed! After work, I ran home for a quick supper of scrambled eggs and grilled ham (this time using cane syrup–actually turned out even better than the maple). Then I was off to meet a bride, her MOH, and her mom for a flower consult for her wedding this August! Finished the day with a cup of TAZO Zen green tea.

Day 86: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another busy day. Another ham soup lunch. And actually had ham soup with salad and a hearty bread for dinner too. And finally made it to Goga today–especially enjoyed the lymphatic massage and infrared sauna portions!

Day 87: Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lunch was a chunk of hearty bread, a freshly sliced tomato, and some warm ham with spicy mustard. It hit the spot! Mom arrived for a brief visit tonight! Had the last of the ham and bean soup with a side salad and the last of the hearty bread for dinner. It really hit the spot. And it’s always good to have mother-daughter time! Finished the day with a French Press of Columbian coffee, a handful of almonds, a square of dark chocolate, and good conversation with mom.

Journey Journal: Days 30-32

Day 30: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Doing better with the no dairy routine. I’m either drinking my coffee black or having it with unsweetened almond or coconut milk. I think I prefer the coconut the best. Had a delicious, mixed greens salad with strawberries and slivered almonds for lunch, along with a whole grain wrap with turkey, lettuce, tomato, green peppers, avocado, and Polynesian dressing. I will definitely do that again! Had a good workout after work, followed by  a quick dinner of scrambled eggs, mushrooms and onions in a whole grain tortilla. Then went to shepherding group for a time of prayer and refreshment.

Day 31: Thursday, January 31, 2013

Well, after realizing the elliptical we bought was missing parts, waiting for the parts to come in, being told the parts are no longer available, and getting offered a different model with no extra charge, we finally got our elliptical delivered today. Unfortunately, it is much larger than I expected and looks hideous in literally every room of the house. So, we have to decide if we’re keeping it because we’ll use it, or if it needs to go and we need to keep looking. Meal choices were good today, but I’m feeling a little frustrated and foggy–will talk to my nutritionist tomorrow. In the meantime, Bryan made me curry for dinner with rice and green beans and field peas, and we watched Whisper of the Heart (animé), followed by hot tea and homemade oatmeal raisin cookies (watch the movie and you’ll understand the food choices). It was a good evening.

Day 32: Friday, February 1, 2013

Good day at work, and good workout at lunch with my friend Leigh. Battered some fish cubes in a combination of GF-flour and pecan meal, and served with steamed rice with coconut oil, and veggies. Actually really enjoying using coconut oil. And I like all the health benefits it offers!

My nutritionist responded and said that feeling fatigued and foggy is normal during a detox/cleanse (aka, taking herbs, drinking lots of water, and getting off of dairy). She said the side effects should go away within a week and to let her know if they don’t subside. She also recommended extra sleep and water, and Epsom salt baths. That makes me feel better! So, I’m not setting my alarm for Saturday morning–since we have no plans till after lunch…other than making homemade pancakes and fruit salad for an at-home brunch date.

Campfire Lunches – Fun Idea For Kids

My friend Gina found this idea in a magazine and shared it with me. Halved grapes make the fire ring, pretzels make the sticks, and cheese and carrots are cut up to make the flames! Fun and nutritious for youngsters and the young at heart!

picture courtesy of Gina Ogden

I Love Summer Produce!

I love packing my lunch for work in the summer time! There are so many fresh produce options that are light and refreshing! Today, I had a black bean and provolone cheese whole wheat wrap loaded with veggies (lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, etc.) along with more carrots and cucumbers on the side, a fresh peach and a jar of watermelon cubes! Yum! The guys at work teased me for photographing my lunch at the office (though they admitted it was a beautiful and healthful lunch).

I didn't have a toothpick to hold the wrap together, so I used a carrot stick.

Then for dinner, I steamed some broccoli and boiled some fresh white corn while Bryan grilled some pepperoni and cheese sandwiches. I added a little bit of thinly sliced Vidalia onion and basil leaves to mine. We are simply in love with Applegate Farms’ Pepperoni right now. It’s hormone and antibiotic free, nitrate free, and the biggest slices of pepperoni you’ve ever seen!

All it's missing is some marinara sauce to dunk the sandwich in!

And I can’t wait to eat everything else in our Milk and Honey Organics basket from this week! Yum!! I assist M&H with some things, and received some apples in addition to the small basket.

The personal watermelon is so adorable! It's the size of a kid's soccer ball! (Confession: yes, I think fruit is cute. There, I've said it.)