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A Few of My Favorite Things…

I thought I’d share a summary list of some of our favorite brands and products:

Laura's Lean Beef - All Natural and Lean

...not to mention, the best steak we've had in ages!

Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness - all natural, no sugar added. Odwalla's Superfood Juice contains a nearly identical ingredient list and tastes almost exactly the same.

Odwalla 100% Carrot Juice - great to add as a liquid to your smoothie. Bolthouse Farms carries a nearly identical product as well.

Trader Joe's Fruit and Vegetable Juice Twist -Pomegranate Blueberry OR Strawberry Banana - I have Bryan drink a glass every morning now. 🙂

Nescafe Classico - I know, I know. You say, "It's Instant!?!" It is, however, it's what we drank when I was in Europe for 2 months and it is actually a decent cup of joe! A new part of my morning routine.

Amish Country Havarti Cheese - Their Baby Swiss is also very good (and a key ingredient in my famous fondue).

Almond Breeze - Unsweetened Original

Immaculate Baking Company Triple Chocolate Cookies - $4.49 on IB's website. I wait till Publix/Ingles puts them 2 for $5 and then use a $1 off coupon. Freezes well.

Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach Tea

A Beautiful Ending: Spinach Garlic Omelet with Dill Havarti

I got off work early for my long Easter weekend, so I went antiquing with Bryan’s mom. Then we came back to her place for a wonderful cup of Gevalia Cafe Sperl coffee.

I came home and went on a 2.5 mile walk with my good friend Jan. We’ve been working out together for over a year now and I don’t think I’d be able to stay on track without her.

Then I made a delicious Spinach Garlic Omelet with Dill Havarti.

Spinach Garlic Omelet with Dill Havarti

Cook spinach according to package instructions. I used Cascadian Farm Organic Chopped Spinach. Drain and reserve 1/2 c. for omelet. Save the rest for another dish. Saute 1 clove minced garlic in 1 Tbsp. butter (or olive oil) on Medium low heat. Add 3 beaten eggs, and don’t touch. After several minutes, top with cheese and spinach. Gently fold in half, and continue to cook for 3-4 minutes, covered. Serve hot. I served mine with a homemade sourdough roll.

A nice hot bath, some relaxing music, and a good night’s sleep await. Tomorrow will be a busy day, planting blueberry plants, meeting with a jewelry client, a good workout, Good Friday service, and a movie with a friend. Good night!