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A Delightful Evening: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness through the Life of Amy Carmichael

Last weekend, Heritage Bible Church had a dinner for those impacted by our Mercy Ministries: widows, widowers, single moms, individuals with deployed spouses, etc. It really was a delightful evening. You may remember the post about God’s Faithfulness that included options for the table decorations. Well, here’s what came out of those musings, thanks to several that helped make my visions a reality:

printed menu cards at each plate setting

Every table had a teapot vase (that matched the China plate settings for the meal) with a custom arrangement of purple, white and yellow flowers and table number flags, twelve tea lights, two streamers with pendants made out of copies of "Great is Thy Faithfulness" sheet music, and folded linen napkins.

A bit of the variety of the flower arrangements, prior to transport to the church for the banquet (we prayed for 50% off flowers at Hobby Lobby and God answered!)

Helpers male and female, young and old, came together to make this event a success and a blessing to many! And we had a blast serving together!

The meal was delicious and accompanied by soft, live piano music while a slideshow of quotes from Amy Carmichael’s writings played on a screen above the front stage. The evening concluded with some humorous skits, sacred special music, and a brief challenge, incorporating the life and testimony of Amy Carmichael. Praise God for His Faithfulness in Amy’s life and each of ours!

Theme: God’s Faithfulness

I’m doing a little research on God’s Faithfulness (hence, the latest post on Learning from Elisabeth Elliot). I’m in charge of decorations for an upcoming Mercy Ministry Dinner for some ladies in our church and I want to make the decor match the theme of the evening: God’s Faithfulness.

I’m still playing with several ideas. Here’s what I have so far:

  • “Great is Thy Faithfulness” sheet music cut into pendants and sewn into banners as table runners

  • Fresh flowers (violets, irises and rosemary symbolize faithfulness)

from BHG.com

  • Maybe incorporating tea cups as vases

from Midwest Living

from KatieBrownBlog.com

  • Candlescapes
  • Rocks that say “Faith” on them (is that cheezy?)
  • Egg theme, since we’re close to Easter

from BHG.com

  • Cross decor?
  • Rainbows (or scattered crystals that would create rainbows when hit with light)
  • The colors white and silver can be symbolic of faith
  • “Fruit of the Spirit” route, decorating with fresh or artificial fruit arrangements (maybe a pear or apple with a ribbon tied to the stem with a card that says “Faithfulness” in a pretty font (like Zapfino)

from BHG.com

  • “Faith as a grain of mustard seed” concept?

from Midwest Living

A secondary theme is Amy Carmichael, so I’ve thought about the following:

  • Adding some of her quotes scattered on the table
  • Adding some of her quotes as part of a decoupage placemat

  • Adding some of her quotes into the “Great is Thy Faithfulness” banner idea

Here are some other ideas I like:

from Southern Living

from BHG.com

from BHG.com

from BHG.com

I also have to keep in mind that they’ll be using white china with gold trim for the place settings, so I can’t be too informal. I want to use bright spring colors. Oh, and I have a budget of $100 for 20 tables. Any ideas?!