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Join MyJourneyToLean.com on Facebook and Twitter!

My Journey To Lean is taking new steps and branching out! I am excited to announce that we officially have a Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/MyJourneyToLean) and a Twitter account (@MyJourneyToLean)! You can view both on the side bar of the blog and we’d love to have you join the Journey by following one or both of these groups! And if you want to be the first to know about new posts, sign up using the email subscription button on your left side bar!

Also, and this may be the most exciting part for me personally, My Journey To Lean now has a dedicated domain at MyJourneyToLean.com! Don’t worry if you already have a bookmark for the WordPress blog–it will still direct you here.

If you have your own blog or website and want to share My Journey to Lean, please use the image above and link to http://myjourneytolean.com. I have reworked the MJTL banner to fit into a square for others to use as a quick button or badge. If you don’t remember what each of the pictures represent, check out the blog post about The Inspiration Behind the Banner.

Thanks for following My Journey To Lean and Enjoy the Journey! ~Melissa

Twitter Tuesday Now Includes Facebook @LiquidHighway!

Good morning! I drove in to work with Bryan this morning (I love the days we get to carpool), and my first thought upon entering the parking garage was, “It’s Tuesday! I get free coffee!” Liquid Highway has been offering #TwitterTuesday for a while now and it’s definitely a highlight to my week. If you’re on Twitter, just tweet about @liquidhighway on a Tuesday, show it to your barista, and you get a free small coffee! That’s right! It’s like them paying you with coffee to advertise a little! 🙂 (Sometimes they even throw in a shot of flavoring for you!)

Well, now you don’t have to be on Twitter to enjoy the benefits. Liquid Highway is now on Facebook, so if you talk about liquid highway in your status update, just print it out (or not, if you have mobile Facebook), show it to your barista, and get a free small coffee! What a deal!

I had mine with some toast and fig jam, with sliced pears. Yum! The bread was from my friend Gina. It’s a hearty wheat bread and reminds me of the bread I ate when I was in Poland and Latvia! I miss Europe!

Rustic Toast with Fig Jam and Pear Slices (and my free coffee)

Next Step to Lean: Pare Down Facebook!

My next step to leaning my life is paring down Facebook. Basically, I’ve spent too much time on it in recent months and am tired of hearing every time someone brushes their teeth or changes a diaper. No one offended me and I don’t hate anyone. I’m basically just keeping it for family that lives around the world and close friends, like my shepherding group and church planting friends. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. And I finally took the plunge. Goal was to be under 100…and I’m at 99. I’m also going to try only to check facebook a couple times a week instead of a couple times a day.

Speaking of facebook, here’s a funny facebook parody: