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Quick, Refreshing Drink! Watermelon Lemonade!

Cool and refreshing!

We’ve been working on painting the living room, hallways and stairwell. The hard part is we decided to paint the trim too, so it’s a tedious job. But it needs to be done, so we’re going for it. Thanks to Bryan’s parents for helping with the trim work this afternoon. I ran out and got some frozen pizzas (and more paint brushes), and BiLo had their Vitamin Water and Smart Water on sale for 88¢ a piece, so I picked up one of each flavor.

Okay, here’s the quick drink: I had about a quarter of a watermelon that needed to be used because it was a little past its prime, so I chopped it into large chunks and threw it in the blender with a lemonade flavored Vitamin Water. So fast, so pretty, and so refreshing! Just what we need to push us through and keep painting.