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Journey Journal: Day 3

Day 3: January 3, 2013

Full day of work today, including putting away the company Christmas tree. Started with a breakfast of multigrain pancakes with pecans and cranberries, coffee and cream. Had a snack of baby carrots, celery sticks, and green pepper strips. Lunch was 4 oz. of pork tenderloin and a red potato with sour cream. After work, I went for a quick walk. I made it 2.25 miles tonight before my leg started aching, so I stopped a little short of the 3.1 mile goal and stretched instead. Bryan had a classmate over for games and dinner tonight. His friend is vegetarian, so I made a big, leafy green salad with tomatoes, broccoli, and feta, herbed mushroom risotto with smoked gouda, and buttered white beans with garlic and parsley. Who says rice and beans is boring? 😉 After cleaning up from dinner, I made a giant batch of applesauce from our last batch of fall’s apples. Looking forward to waking up tomorrow to the smell of apples and cinnamon! Wasn’t able to finish Genesis last night, so I finished it tonight. “God meant it for good” (Gen. 50:20) — He always does!