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Greenville City Guide on Design*Sponge

illustration by Dave Siglin

Our friends Dave & Rachel put together an awesome city guide for Greenville, SC, where we live. Rachel did most of the writing and researching, and Dave drew a special piece of artwork, featuring some highlights of the city (see illustration above). Go Team Siglin!!

Greenville, SC, truly is a great place! In fact, it was featured in one of USAirway’s in-flight magazines this past year, with an 18-page, full-color article! Rachel and I talk about the city guides on Design*Sponge often (after all, Design*Sponge is one of our favorite blogs to follow). So, it’s fun to finally see a post on Greenville there!

It was also fun to be one of the few who got to read it prior to press! Thanks for the sneak peek, Rachel! And one of my husband’s photos was featured there too! (Click on the picture below to be directed to his photography site. More pictures to be added soon.)

photo courtesy of Bryan McKinnon (my husband)

Check out the full city guide on Design*Sponge here:  http://www.designspongeonline.com/2010/11/greenville-city-guide.html.

Nations Bakery in Lyman, SC!

Like walking into Europe!

We had a delicious breakfast with our friends Dave & Rachel and Dan & Kirsten! Okay, so this is NOT part of the journey to lean, but it definitely fits into celebrating Mental Health Week! Walking into Nations Pastry in Lyman, SC, was like stepping into one of the fabulous little bakeries we frequented in Europe! So cute and so many fresh, beautiful cakes and pastries!

Bryan got a mushroom-cheddar omelet and iced tea. The rest of us indulged in Banana Bread French Toast and various pastries and the best 100% Columbian coffee I’ve had…maybe ever! We are definitely going back, even if it’s just for a cup of coffee! And I’ll probably get an omelet next time. No, we didn’t eat all of this. In fact, we took most of it home to eat over the next few days. Don’t worry, I’ll have a salad for lunch and work it off on yardwork later. And Rachel & I are still sore from our amazing workout on Thursday! Okay, here are the pictures:

Danishes, Sticky Buns, European Bread...

Cakes, Turnovers, Eclairs, and So Much More...

Choices, Choices...

Fresh and Delicious!

Me & My Man!


Rachel (no, she didn't eat both of those)

Dan & Kirsten