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Interesting Articles and Tips for College-Age Students

It’s back to school and the blogosphere is flooded with tons of helpful tips, advice, and info about heading back to college…or jumping in for the first time.

First, I read two articles specifically addressing “20-somethings.” The first was “The 20 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me at 20” by Dr. Karin L. Smithson on HuffingtonPost.com. It has some good reminders worth reading as so many head back to school…about picking friends, staying healthy, the importance of family and faith, etc.

The second was “20 Things 20 Year Olds Don’t Get” by Jason Nazar on Forbes.com. For all my friends heading back to college…or just out of college…or just trying to build traction in your careers, this article contains some fairly sound advice. It’s not necessarily that young people “don’t get it” but rather some good career tips that they “should get,” or maybe “don’t get yet,” or “what to strive for.” From productivity to professionalism, online etiquette to face to face communication, reputation and fiscal responsibility, this article hits the key topics that are crucial for young people to grasp early on if they desire to be successful.

Also, I’m noticing lots of college-age or recent post-college grads struggling with “discerning God’s will for their lives.” One book I recently read that I wish I had read when I started college is Kevin DeYoung’s Just Do Something. See my recent book review here. Also, remember that you don’t have to read every spiritual self-help book known to man; if you have a Bible and read it regularly, seek godly counsel, and prayer, those three things are more valuable than any “how to” book or article out there.

In regards to what to major in, I read “The Decline and Fall of the English Major” by Verlyn Klinkenborg on NYTimes.com. It is sad to hear that the number of students majoring in English is declining. I could have majored in a great number of things, but I am continually thankful that I majored in English. It has been invaluable in every aspect of my life–personally, professionally, socially, even spiritually. The most beneficial classes I took were probably Critical Writing with Dr. Horton and Philosophy of Education with Dr. Salter (both should be required by every major, in my humble opinion). To think clearly and logically and to be able to write concisely and coherently are two of the most precious yet neglected treasures in this culture. Klinkenborg writes: “Writing well used to be a fundamental principle of the humanities, as essential as the knowledge of mathematics and statistics in the sciences. But writing well isn’t merely a utilitarian skill. It is about developing a rational grace and energy in your conversation with the world around you.” and “No one has found a way to put a dollar sign on this kind of literacy, and I doubt anyone ever will. But everyone who possesses it — no matter how or when it was acquired — knows that it is a rare and precious inheritance.” Well said, Verlyn.

Finally, it’s important in your college years to stay healthy in this fast-paced, stress-filled season of life. Here’s a fun “Cheat Sheet for Healthy School Lunches” from The Honest Co.:

Educational Whiplash

What an interesting day! I started my Personal Trainer Certification coursework last night with my first Anatomy & Physiology class. Tonight was scheduled to be Lifetime Fitness & Wellness from 6-9:20P. So, I clocked out of work, changed into jeans, ate my dinner on the way, and arrived on campus at 5:40P. I walked up to the building where my class was supposed to take place and all the doors were locked! This is not good!

So I went over to the main building and checked my campus email. No email, but I noticed my enrollment list had changed and the Lifetime Fitness & Wellness class had disappeared.

I walked over to the front desk to talk to the ladies there and they confirmed that the class had been cancelled due to lack of student enrollment. Really!? We looked at all the other classes for my major and NONE are offered in the night track except for the one I’m already in.

They gave me the department head and my advisor’s phone numbers and email addresses. I left messages and emails explaining the situation. The ladies at the front desk mentioned that I might be able to get into the online Nutrition course but that I’d have to obtain a signature from my advisor or department head first. I came home and checked and there was only one spot left in any of the online Nutrition courses. I knew other people were in the same predicament I was, so I doubted this would happen, especially since I had to wait on responses from my emails and voicemails.

Well, as fate would have it, my advisor called me back at 7:20P! I couldn’t believe she was still in the office! She knew that I had taken Nutrition as part of my B.A., told me I had completed the prerequisites and enrolled me in the last spot in the class!

So, instead of going to class tonight, I completed the online orientation process and printed out all the info I could find on taking online courses. Then I finished my FAFSA paperwork for the next year. When that was done, there was an email in my Campus Cruiser telling me how to login to the Nutrition course. So, I logged in, went through the introduction and Chapter 1 and am ready to learn this stuff! Hopefully I will be able to get ahead and stay ahead in this one. Hopefully this will allow me to focus on A&P during the week and Nutrition on the weekends. It might actually be a blessing in disguise.

Time for bed! Tomorrow is class #2 for A&P. I need to make sure I stay on top of it. Fortunately, I think the two classes will go hand in hand quite nicely. Good night!

It’s Official…I’m a student again!

Well, I’m officially a college student again. After completing the application process, and sitting in the registration line for 3.5 hours yesterday, I am signed up for my first two classes in the Personal Trainer Certification program! School starts May 17!

I’ll be taking BIO 110: General Anatomy & Physiology and SFT 109: Lifetime Fitness & Wellness.

I’m so excited! And the journey continues…