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Updates to the Blog…

I’ve recently updated a few things on the blog.

First, the “Blogs I Follow” RSS Feeds and “Other Links” sections that were on the sidebar are now in a list on my “Resources” page.

Second, I moved the “Archives” and “Categories” sections from the sidebar to the footer, with the “Blog Stats” above the “Archives” and a second “Search” toolbar above the “Categories” section. I hope this makes things easier for you to search, while cleaning up the sidebar. (Command + Down Arrow on Mac or Ctrl + End on PC should take you to the bottom of the page.)

I’m still looking for a way to shorten the initial text for each post on the main page to a preview with a link for “the rest of the story,” but haven’t figured it out yet on this particular WordPress theme/template. So, if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me.

As always, thanks for following and enjoy the journey! ~Melissa