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Biggest Loser 2011 Thanksgiving Dinner

Tuesday night’s Biggest Loser featured a Thanksgiving meal for the participants. It looked really yummy! For these recipes go to The Biggest Loser page on NBC.com:

Other Recipes on NBC.com not shown on last night’s episode:

Thanksgiving Tips:

Remember, just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you need to make TONS of food! Just make a delicious, healthful spread and focus on the meaning behind the holiday: Giving Thanks!

I would recommend eating a healthful breakfast – something like steel cut oats with chopped apples and walnuts and a glass of milk. This will get your metabolism going for the day.

If your celebration dinner is at lunch time, try to limit your calories to 650-800 calories. If possible, space it out into two 300-400 calorie mini-meals. If you’re not in charge of the menu, offer to bring a couple of side dishes that will help you avoid the fat-laden foods. Don’t feel like you have to taste everything on the buffet! Eat a balanced, nutritious meal and really enjoy it!

If you’re waiting till late afternoon or evening to eat your main meal for the day, enjoy a light snack (like the Spinach Salad with Pears and Pomegranate with the Roasted Carrots and Parsnips or Beet Chips listed above), then keep your main meal restricted to 650-700 calories.

Also, you will boost your metabolism significantly if you go for a 20-40 minute brisk walk after dinner. So, grab the family and walk around the neighborhood or go outside and start a game of tag football or soccer. Nothing like family competition to keep the energy up!

Don’t forget to watch The Biggest Loser’s Thanksgiving Special Episode on Wednesday night at 9PM EST (8PM CST) on NBC.

For the 2010 menu, check out last year’s blog post.

Biggest Loser Inspired Thanksgiving Dinner

The following recipes were created by Chef Curtis Stone. The meal plan serves 12. For the full recipes, visit the Biggest Loser site at nbc.com by clicking here.

Herb Crusted Grilled Turkey Breast (I reduced the serving to 4 oz. instead of 8 in the nutrition facts below.)

Creamy Mushroom Sauce (I reduced the serving size to 1/4 c. instead of 1/2 c. in the nutrition facts below.)

Leek and Celery Stuffing (I reduced the serving size to 1/2 c. instead of 1 c. in the nutrition facts below.)

Roasted Root Vegetables with Mandarin and Thyme (1/12 of recipe)

Green Beans with Pomegranate and Garlic (1/2 c. green beans and 1 Tbsp. pomegranate arils – see comments below for my recipe idea, since it wasn’t posted on the nbc website)

Pecan Crusted Caramelized Apple Crisp (1/12 of recipe)

Review: The Biggest Loser Fat Burning Yoga DVD

This is the workout I did tonight. I LOVE this DVD! It combines flexibility, strength training, cardio and core into one workout. Don’t think you’ll break a sweat with yoga? I dare you to try this video! And you don’t have to worry about being a beginner. The participants show a variety of levels of fitness so you can pick one and follow along.

The best thing about the Biggest Loser workout DVDs is that they’re completely customizable. Each one that I have has a warm up, cool down, and 3 workouts. You can mix and match and arrange them in any order you want before hitting play, or just follow the 6 week program. Weeks 1-2 are warmup, workout 1, cool down. Weeks 3-4 are warmup, workouts 1 and 2, cool down. Weeks 5-6 are warmup, workouts 1, 2, and 3, and cool down. And how can you not love Bob?!

Also, this video combines yoga with pilates. And don’t worry…there’s no spiritism in this routine…not even an “Om.” Just a good workout! It’s a great way to workout and relieve stress all at once. I like doing this one in the evenings just before a nice hot bath and bedtime!

Review: The Biggest Loser Couples Weight Loss Planner by Prevention Guide

Prevention Guide: The Biggest Loser Couples Weight Loss Planner

This magazine is a great little quick guide. It will be on displays until May 18, 2010, so pick one up the next time you’re in the grocery checkout aisle.

Now, I don’t believe you need to buy everything you can that says “The Biggest Loser” on it just because it’s from the show. After all, they have professional marketers on their side. But, they do have some great tips to help you on your way. I especially liked this issue because it gives you snack ideas, a risk quiz to test your health, and some recipes that sound delicious!

But my favorite part about this issue is that it has a pictoral guide to a “Beginner Circuit Routine.” If you’re not familiar with the term “circuit,” it just means you’re doing multiple exercises in a short amount of time. Often, they’re set up in a circle around a gym. I went to a circuit training class a couple times and the one I went to did 10 exercises for 3 minutes each, alternating between cardio and strength training. The one in this magazine gives you 3 upper body exercises, 3 core exercises, and 3 lower body exercises.

Then it gives you a pictoral guide to the “Advanced Circuit Routine,” again 3 upper body exercises, 3 core exercises, and 3 lower body exercises. It also provides a pictoral “Stretch Routine” with 12 great stretches.

It ends with some simple, delicious looking meals, and a top 10 foods to buy at the grocery store:

  1. chard
  2. eggplant
  3. mushrooms
  4. steel-cut oats
  5. edamame
  6. fat-free greek yogurt
  7. pork tenderloin
  8. polenta
  9. avocado
  10. almonds

Check out this issue today. Well worth the $4!