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Helpful Thoughts on What to Read

I recently started a twice monthly book club at my house. It has been SO much fun! The goal is to create a casual space for women to share what they’ve been reading, get book suggestions, hear reviews (or cautions) from other ladies, and encourage one another to read more. And it’s a good excuse for coffee and fellowship…as well as a chance to invite neighbors and community friends in!

The Gospel Coalition recently published a short interview of Noël Piper, Gloria Furman and Kathleen Nielson discussing the topic of reading. These are some of my favorite authors, so I love hearing their perspective! And I thought you’d enjoy it too!

Help! My Friend Is Reading a Dangerous Book from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

All on a Sunday Afternoon

This morning’s service was wonderful. Pastor Brooks spoke from II Timothy 3 and other passages about the importance of the Scriptures in our every day lives. The Bible isn’t just a historically accurate, well-written piece of literature; it’s an authoritative compilation of everything we need for this life and it’s written by God Himself. And yet we treat it like just another book on the shelf that we’ve been meaning to read. I’m looking forward to Part II tonight. The fourth graders had fun with their sword drills in Sunday School today too.

After church, we came home for a quick lunch. Bryan made himself some hotdogs and coleslaw, while I fixed sweet potato hash for myself (from some of the veggies I got at the market yesterday). Here it is:

Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

Recipe: Melt 1 Tbsp. butter in skillet. Add 1 large (or 2 small) peeled, cubed sweet potato, and 1 small vidalia onion with salt, pepper, fresh sage and thyme. Cook 5-7 minutes, until onions are transluscent and potatoes are soft but not mushy. Meanwhile, fry up 1-2 eggs to serve on top of the hash. Delicious!

After lunch, we went upstairs and I organized the office in an attempt to be ready for school. I had put away my “desk” (a folding table) from using it with my Girls on the Run functions, and it was time to pull it back out, sort all the papers that had been piling up, and prep for school. My life is about to get really busy, starting with my first day back to school tomorrow, so I needed to make sure my space was neat so I’ll be able to be efficient. Here’s the results:

The Bookshelves

The Closet: Everything In Its Place

My Space

While I did this, Bryan folded all the laundry and I think he did the dishes too. 🙂 Now to head to evening service and maybe try to convince Bryan to go swimming afterwards. I love Sundays!