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The Big 2-9!

Another year, another birthday! It’s the big 29! The older I get, the less I care about birthdays, but it is nice to get the little messages on facebook and cards and emails! I’m officially in the end of my 20s! If I lived in Europe, they’d say I was in my 30th year! It makes sense: when you finish your first year of life, you have your 1st birthday. So, as I finish my 29th year of life, I embark on my 30th year and look forward to what God has for me this year!

I started today with a Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage breakfast sandwich, a nice crisp apple, a tall glass of OJ and a cup of Columbian coffee! Mmm!

Before lunch, I went walking with my friend Carlie and we had a really great conversation (while walking 2 miles)! 🙂 Lunch was quinoa and spicy chicken salad. I chopped up the chicken and brussel sprouts from dinner on Tuesday and mixed them into my leftover veggie quinoa. I ate it cold and it was delicious! I’m about to eat my snack of red pepper strips!

Tonight, I’m meeting with my personal trainer clients and then going out with my dear friend Rachel to celebrate my birthday. Not sure if we’re doing dinner or just coffee, but either way, it will be a great girls night out! Bryan’s work schedule is super busy this month, so we’ll celebrate my bday when we go to Colorado next month! 🙂 So excited! Couldn’t ask for a better bday gift!