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A Snoopy 1st Birthday Party!

It’s hard to believe our little guy is already 1! We have had so much fun being his mommy and daddy! He loves to eat and laugh and play. His favorite word is “Daddy” with a close second of “Uh-oh.” And he just started shaking his head to say “no” and saying “Yeh” for yes. It’s fun to see his preferences come through.

For his first birthday, I gave Bryan 3 or 4 different themes I had narrowed it down to, and he picked Snoopy. It was so much fun putting this together for Kyle! And we’re so thankful to be able to celebrate this birthday in our new home! (Also thankful my folks could make it in for the party and help us by staying up late to hang curtains, pictures, and put final touches on decorations!)

I found Snoopy invitations here. And we got the “Peanuts Greatest Hits” CD by the Vince Guaraldi Trio that we played on loop throughout the party.

Since we just moved in one month ago and got new appliances, we had large boxes to use. So we decorated a Snoopy doghouse and Lucy’s Psychiatric Stand. The kids LOVED playing in these!

photo 1

The Menu:IMG_4126Bryan did made-to-order grilled cheese sandwiches (we had half a dozen types of cheese to choose from), and who doesn’t love grilled cheese with tomato soup or pumpkin chorizo soup?! I found some awesome little paper trays and styrofoam bowls at Joyce Equipment Store and Restaurant Supply (great place for anyone who likes to host parties!). And we decorated with The Peanuts figurines collection!
photo 3

Then there were the cakes made by our good friend Barb Illsley! She’s amazing!

IMG_4121photo 2Opening Gifts:IMG_4136 IMG_4141Finally, we sent each of our kid guests home with a little goody bag of play doh, snoopy stickers, and The Peanuts fruit snacks in personalized bags. We certainly won’t do this every year, but we definitely wanted to do something extra special for Kyle’s first birthday. And this was!IMG_4125

Happy Birthday, Little Man! We love you very much!

photo 1

Journey Journal: Days 33-34

Day 33: Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slept in late. Made whole wheat pancakes with coconut milk instead of regular milk, cooked using coconut oil instead of butter for brunch with Bryan. He whipped up some scrambled eggs and maple sausage patties, and I made a fruit salad to top the pancakes: pineapple, blackberries, apples, pears, oranges, and kiwi. We ended up eating around 11AM, so that kept us full until dinnertime. Ran some errands, and went to a book exchange party!

We finally installed a new faucet for our kitchen sink (it’s needed replaced since the day we moved in…four and a half years, a Lowe’s Christmas gift card, and a little muscle work later, we finally have a faucet with a working handle!). Next project: replace the kitchen cabinet hardware so it matches the new faucet! (Maybe that will happen by the time we reach our tenth anniversary! LOL) While Bryan worked on the faucet (and I kept out of his way), I filed my looming stack of paperwork and trashed the junk mail that had been piling up. (I have a new goal of filing for 5 minutes every night after this last batch.)

Day 34: Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good service this morning, followed by our 2nd grade Journey Group lesson about “God is Patient.” Kind of ironic topic, since the kids seemed to be trying our patience a bit, but I’ve always said I think the teachers learn more from Sunday School than the kids anyway, and He is definitely not finished with us yet. Had lunch at Bryan’s folks’ house, as we celebrated our nephew David’s 1st birthday! Cannot believe he is already one and walking everywhere! So cute! And he’s dairy-free too, so Julie made a delicious dairy-free chocolate cake that I had to ask for the recipe! Had some good conversations about the Gospel with Bryan on our drives out and back home. And finished the night by watching a few Super Bowl commercials. Overall, a very good day of rest, worship, and family fellowship!