Pumpkin Pasta Party

 This past Saturday, we had several young families over for a Pumpkin Pasta Party! We set up tables for the kids (and their grownups) to decorate pumpkins–complete with paints and brushes, stickers, etc. (and carving knives available upon request). It was so much fun to have a pumpkin for every person!  In the gazebo, we had a large Crockpot full of Pumpkin Chorizo Soup with oyster crackers and cilantro, a fresh romaine salad with sliced beets, black olives and goat cheese, crackers and a cheeseball with pomegranate, and an antipasta tray. We had chilled Golden Apple Punch and hot Maple Pumpkin Lattes (pretty good, except for the last couple of cups where the pumpkin had settled). And for dessert, there were Pumpkin Pecan Muffins with cream cheese frosting. 

 There were a lot of children, so we chose to have no schedule and just let it be a relaxing time to mingle and fellowship. We started around 3:30 in the afternoon with all the munchies; then around 6:30, we rolled out fresh pasta and taught everyone how to make tortellinis. We had cheese, spinach, and pumpkin fillings and pumpkin alfredo and tomato basil sauces to choose from.  

 Finally, we pulled out the old wood stove and roasted marshmallows. It was so much fun to celebrate fall with friends and family, good weather and great food! Kyle had so much fun that he wiped out right in the middle of the kitchen with 25 people making noise all around him. He was so sweet all day and God was so gracious to give him good nap times so we could get everything pulled together for the party! Hoping we can make this an annual event!  
We had so much fun hosting this Pumpkin Pasta Party. It was a little different theme than I’ve seen before, but it really worked! Have you thrown a fall party? What’s your favorite fall party idea?

One response to “Pumpkin Pasta Party

  1. Sounds like a great time! Food looks awesome also. Love you guys. Dad

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