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Meal Planning…

Since my baby is just starting to eat solids, I’m thinking meal planning is a good idea–to make sure he gets the nutrient dense foods he needs. So far he’s loved everything we’ve tried–from asparagus and avocados to oatmeal and sweet potatoes, from apples and bananas to baked beans and spaghetti sauce, from green beans to peaches, and the list goes on.

Do you meal plan? Ever feel like this?

Meal Planning

Before you end your week in tears and hatred, check out the recipes page or meal plans on this blog for some new inspiration! Or start a free Pepperplate account to make meal planning (and shopping) fast and easy! I also have several foodie boards on Pinterest, if that helps.

Bon Appetit!

A Coffee Chat…

I’m sitting in a Panera with a cup of coffee and a cherry pastry, since there’s no wifi setup in the new house yet. Let me back up a bit. The house sold…unbelievably fast and well. And we’re settling into the house-sitting gig across town. So far, so good. Kyle is adjusting. He woke up around 4:30AM for the first week in his new room–not fussy, just smiling and ready to play! Not sure if it was the new house or just the development phase he’s growing through, but at least he wasn’t upset and went back down rather quickly. And I’m actually enjoying my morning commute–about 20 minutes instead of 5, but it helps me collect my thoughts (and get through my first cup of coffee for the day).

It was weird leaving the house for the last time and handing over the keys–it was our first family home, and the place we brought our first baby home to from the hospital. We painted literally every room in the house (even some that we built from the ground up). And now we wait and search for where God might lead us next.