Journey Journal: Days 159-161

Days 159: Saturday, June 8, 2013

This weekend was all about replacing the soffits and facia on the house. Here’s a picture of Bryan and his dad and brother Chad working:


On top of that, I worked through the night Friday night with some visa issues (had to be up at the same time as the other side of the world)…so…to pass the time, I decided to try this GF DF Donut Recipe. I’m not sure I agree with the “pillowy soft, fluffy” part of the description, but overall they turned out okay.

The first step (proofing the yeast) smelled right, but as soon as I added the GF flour, it just smelled weird to me (maybe it’s because I used the Bob’s Mill brand?). It rose fine overnight, but I needed a good bit of extra “flour” to roll/cut out on Saturday morning. I couldn’t get the center donut hole cut out because they were a bit too sticky, so I made some larger and some smaller circles.

While waiting for the donuts to rise, I made cooked up some bacon and eggs and tossed together a mango, peach, and kiwi fruit salad…and pressed some good Columbian coffee! (I definitely needed it after going to bed at 1, getting up at 3, 5, and then 7.) Meanwhile, the donuts rose again just fine, but not as much as regular flour donuts.

Time to fry, but it took a lot of oil to fry. My canola oil didn’t smell right (I must have fried something in it before). So, I used olive oil. The larger “donuts” turned out mostly like fried biscuits. They seemed to soak up oil more than regular doughnuts, so they were kind of greasy and more like grainy funnel cake. I ran out of olive oil and tried a few in some Crisco I had hanging around (I do not recommend that). When that soaked up, I added the leftover bacon fat from breakfast and fried up the little donuts–those were actually the best ones.

This is a very time consuming recipe, and I will probably not take the time to make these again. My brother in law said, “GF DF donuts are pretty good! It’s like I said… you just need something to carry the grease and sugar.” 🙂 For the record–my GF friends LOVED them…and I admit they were much better the next day! If you make these though, don’t just drizzle the icing…triple the icing recipe and actually glaze them. I think if I ever make them again, I’ll just spray a griddle with cooking spray and fry them up like pancakes…since that’s basically what they turned out like.

While I was working on the donuts, I also started lunch for the guys: Carnitas, Black Beans, and Yellow Rice. I doubled the recipe for the pork and used canned black beans and just added spices instead of making them from scratch. Served with corn tortillas and fresh lime wedges. Yum! Really hit the spot for the guys after working so hard all morning.

After lunch, I went outside and helped in the yard for a bit. We worked till about sundown. Thank goodness for the boom lift or we would not have gotten done in time. For dinner, we had more carnitas and rice with lime. So good! Then headed to bed very exhausted! We definitely burned a lot of calories!

They got the top of the house finished today–will have to finish the porches’ soffits and facia tomorrow. Here’s a sort of “before-and-after” picture (bottom is the old green; top is the new bright white).


Day 160: Sunday, June 9, 2013

Up at 6. Breakfast by 7, then back in the yard. Stopped around 10 to get ready and head to church. One thing God reminded me of this weekend was that (like a house) it is best to work on the root problems instead of just covering them up (i.e., deal with sin directly, confess it, repent, and follow God instead of just masking our problems and “looking good” on the outside). Even home repairs can point us to God if we allow them to. Another lunch of carnitas on corn tortillas. This time we served them with baked sweet potatoes and stewed cabbage. After lunch, we were in and out of the house (between rain showers) to finish the job before having to return the lift. So thankful for Bryan, his dad, and his brother Chad for doing this major project! It was hard work but so much fun to see the guys working together again…and doing it ourselves allowed us to save over $1000 on this much needed repair. Here’s a picture of working in the rain:


Stopped for a bit around 3:30 for coffee with my friend Shannah. So thankful for her testimony of God’s grace and growth. For dinner, Bryan made up some beef curry–our new comfort food.

Day 161: Monday, June 10, 2013

Very tired waking up this morning, but got up around 6:30 because we had to take the car to the shop for a recall–at least that was free. Bryan dropped me off at work. On the way, we swung by Publix for breakfast. I grabbed hummus, baby carrots, two bananas (and a yogurt for him, since he’s not doing the dairy-free part). Hit the ground running at the office…with a cup of coffee, fortunately. Got our database project finalized! (Praise the Lord I had/got to learn SQL last year with my previous job! It was literally the key to making this project work.) Making great progress on this week’s events: Pastors’ Conference on Friday and FX-VB on Saturday–hoping to assemble the packets tomorrow! Picked up the car and came home for a dinner of fried eggs and leftover rotisserie chicken and steamed spinach over some leftover grits. Watched parts of a couple episodes of “The Chew” (a cooking talk show). We discovered our favorite new snack is Gluten-Free Honey Nut Chex. So yummy!

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