Journey Journal: Days 78-82

Day 78-82: Tuesday-Saturday, March 19-23, 2013

More of the same. Eating right. Exercising. Goga twice. Walked twice. Some light strength and flexibility training. Still on a bit of a plateau with the weight loss. Looking forward to warmer temperatures…hopefully soon…so I can get outside on a more regular basis.

This week was quite busy at the office, juggling multiple projects and deadlines. Thankfully, one of our biggest projects for the year got sent off just in the knick of time! Highlights of this week included a picnic lunch and walk with my friend Jan, dinner and a movie with our new neighbors, and this morning’s French Press of hot, Columbian coffee with coconut milk.

My favorite meal this week was one of the following: pumpkin black bean soup with crushed tortilla chips; a mixed green salad with hard boiled eggs, bacon, carrots, red onion, red pepper, goat cheese, and sweet celery seed dressing; or the onion, pepper, egg, and goat cheese quesadilla I made this morning.

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