Journey Journal: Days 35-40

Day 35: Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad! Today was a good day. Had curry for lunch with my friend Adrianne. Went to the gym after work and had a nice evening at home.

Day 36: Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Went shopping on my lunch break at Old Navy, and between a gift card, coupon, and rewards, ended up with 5 pairs of pants, a pair of shorts, and sunglasses for only $16 out of pocket! And the jeans are a size down from the last time I bought there, so something must be working! Most of the clothes were for Bryan–he needed new khakis for school. Went to the gym again after work, and made sure to get my 15 minutes in the sauna there tonight as well, followed by a relaxing Epsom salt bath at home afterwards.

Day 37: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good day. Worked out after work and was able to run my errands between work and Shepherding Group. Had a good time sharing and praying with our small group and enjoyed some delicious Tchibo Sana coffee–from Germany!

Day 38: Thursday, February 7, 2013

I know I went to the gym today, but I can’t remember any of my food choices. All I remember is that, today, I became an aunt again! My brother and his wife had their first child, Sophia! Can’t wait to meet her! Her pictures are precious! I just wish we lived closer. So happy for them!

Day 39: Friday, February 8, 2013

Woke up this morning and weighed in–down 7.6 lbs. since New Years! And into the next “deca-range” on the scale! Goal is 17.6 lbs. more, which seems reasonable now. Had an apple and coffee for breakfast and some spicy lentils wrapped in whole wheat flax tortillas for lunch. Got off work around 6 and headed to the gym, only to find it closes at 6 on Fridays. Bummer. So, I picked up a bag of egg noodles from the store and came home to make Bryan some fresh chicken noodle soup for dinner. It hit the spot after a week of cooler temperatures.

Day 40: Saturday, February 9, 2013

Today’s schedule included nothing except resting, reading, and a quick workout at the gym, plus copious amounts of French Press coffee and water. Got up around 8:30 and Bryan cooked rice ‘n’ eggs for us (it’s kind of like a breakfast stir-fry of sorts, that includes lightly fried rice, scrambled eggs, olive oil, garlic, and marjoram or basil). I tossed together a fruit salad of fresh apples, banana slices, and strawberries and put on a kettle of water for my French Press coffee. We watched some soccer (live from Great Britain), and then I caught up on some TV and reading before heading to the gym at 11am. Had a simple smoothie for lunch (recipe from the book I’m reading, French Women Don’t Get FatΒ by Mireille Guiliano) and read some more. Tonight, I think we’ll make curry again and hopefully make it to bed early.

5 responses to “Journey Journal: Days 35-40

  1. I do not understand your eating plan, an apple and coffee for breakfast??? and when do you clean your house. All I see is you go to work, read books, exercise and go someplace with friends. Do you have a normal everyday life of cleaning and caring for your home? If so, when?

    • Dear Arlene, Thank you for your comment and questions. I assure you that I live a very “normal” life. I do work full-time and am involved in various social and religious extra-curricular activities. Of course, we keep our home clean and cared for (though it’s not too hard with just two people). I make time every day for light cleaning and make sure my dishes are done every night before I go to bed (I hate waking up to a dirty kitchen–or house, for that matter). Of course we do laundry and deeper cleaning, but this “Journey Journal” (as I’m calling it) is really just highlights and snip-its, like a diary. I’ve kept a diary/journal most of my life and rarely has cleaning made it in.

      • PS–I forgot to add that an apple and coffee is NOT my normal breakfast, but it was a large apple and all I got to before lunchtime that particular day–I do not recommend this as a regular routine. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello, Thank you for your reply to my questions. I didn’t quite understand that you were just jotting a few things down and not journaling your entire day. Now I understand. I liked your blog when you were getting the different foods and then telling how you used the produce and things. It gave me ideas for using produce in season. What type of food diet are you using and is it working for you? I have tried and tried but just cannot seem to lose weight. I had a heart attack and now my meds seem to slow down everything I try. I might add that I am 71 years old. So losing is harder for me at this age. But I continue to try. Thanks again for your reply. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Arlene,
      Yes, I enjoyed getting the weekly basket too, but unfortunately, that company got bought out, so I lost that gig. Fortunately, I did it for about 18 months, so there should be over a full year’s worth in the archives. My suggestion would be to go to the bottom of the blog and search by the current month, but one year prior for meal plans with produce in season.

      Right now, I’m not really following a diet, per se, just making lifestyle modifications. The first was to increase my produce intake and reduce my meat intake, while not eliminating it entirely. Second, I recently cut out dairy products and am feeling a lot better already, plus I’ve lost a few pounds. Third, I’m increasing my water intake–starting my day with water instead of coffee and drinking a glass before each meal and before bed, which has helped shed the pounds too. Finally, I’m increasing my activity level, trying to walk over my lunch hour or go to the gym after work for 30-45 minutes or so. The combination is proving to be successful, and it’s small changes. Also, I rarely eat sweets and rarely take seconds. I think next I’m going to try to make sure that one meal a day is a salad or soup with a piece of fruit–dinner would be ideal for this, but it will depend on the family schedule, etc.

      Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck! And it’s never too late to make healthful habit changes. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy the journey! ~Melissa

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