Journey Journal: Day 24

Day 24: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday was an interesting day, to say the least. I had a good day of work, followed by a first: an iridology appointment with a nutritionist. Before you think I’ve jumped off an all-natural cliff into the looney bin, I received a gift certificate from a friend for a free consult, and thought it would be worth it to see if there was any  relevancy to the science. I filled out some basic information, then had a large magnifying lens held up to my eyes, as the nutritionist studied the blood vessels and patterns of my irises with some light, looking for inflammation and other marks. Below is a typical chart that iridologists and nutritionists use:

iris chartThe nutritionist that looked at my irises told me that I had a strong constitution, but that I had a severe intolerance, if not an allergy, to dairy products. I knew I was somewhat sensitive to dairy, but she told me that if the lymphatic system was overly taxed by fighting the dairy, it could adversely affect my thyroid and/or heart. (I will have to do some research on this, of course. So far, I do not have any problems with either, but it did make me want to get off the dairy, at least for a trial period.) So, I am cutting out dairy from my diet for at least a month, maybe two, to see if I can see any change. She also said (because of my blood type and eye color) that “Cardio exercise is like eating for you–don’t go a day without it.” So, meanwhile, I’ll be increasing my workouts and water intake and replacing the cream in my coffee with almond milk and coconut milk.

After the nutritionist appointment, I had coffee with a new friend downtown. We had a good time laughing and sharing what God had been doing in our lives. It was a good night.


4 responses to “Journey Journal: Day 24

  1. Definitely prefer almond to coconut. The part about the milk intolerance/allergy affecting heart, etc., is super-interesting. Let me know what your research turns up. 😉 m

    • Will keep you posted, Michelle. They said something about the color of your eyes determining which genetic parent you most likely inherited risk factors from, etc., so blue follows dad’s side, I guess–which makes sense on the milk thing too. Definitely want to check and see if there really is a connection between lymphatic system, heart, and thyroid, medically speaking. I actually drank my coffee black yesterday, and it wasn’t half bad!

  2. I’m trying to cut dairy out too! The only hard part for me is cheese sprinkled on top of my food…but I’ve been using nutritional yeast instead and have actually gotten to the point where I crave it on my pizza now!

    • I’ve only used nutritional yeast as a Parmesan cheese replacement at a friend’s house, but it was good. Will have to find a place I can purchase it locally because that’s a good suggestion! Thanks!

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