Journey Journal: Days 10-11

Day 10: January 10, 2013

Long day. Good walk with my friend Shannah at lunch today! It was exactly the break I needed to refresh and hit the ground running again at work. Had a yummy salad of mixed greens, vibrantly colored peppers, diced green onion and celery seed dressing, along with a delicious piece of pork tenderloin! I love it when my food is both nutritious and colorful! Spent a good chunk of my day in the Word, working on a Study Guide. For dinner, we made a big batch of jumbo stuffed shells, filled with lean ground turkey, cooked greens, and part skim cheese, onion, garlic, and plenty of herbs, and topped with homemade marinara sauce. Then we watched My Neighbor Totoro, which happens to be one of my favorite anime films! It was a wonderful and quiet evening for a “date night in”!

Day 11: January 11, 2013

Started the day with some baked apples, a banana, and half of a bagel. Got a good start on my assignments for the work day, and then had a lunch of that beautiful salad (same as yesterday) and leftover stuffed shells–yum! Very profitable day at work…always encouraging, especially before a weekend! Tonight is dinner with friends, and I made a special loaf of artisan bread that has whole wheat, oatmeal, flax and sesame seeds. Can’t wait to pair it with Rachel’s Tomato Tortellini Soup!

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