Getting Back on the Wagon

The last year or so was a little hectic, to say the least. And a few pounds have found their way back to my waistline. Things have slowed back down and become far less stressful, so it’s time to get back on the wagon!

Last night I went through my “Exercise & Health” board on Pinterest and wrote down about 50 different exercise routines on 3×5″ cards. Each day, I plan on picking a random card and doing whatever routine is on it. Sometimes it’s as simple as “walk 1 mile” or as complex as a full 90 minute routine. I even threw in a few “rest day”s!

So, this morning, I used the following video: Fit Sugar TV’s Sculpt Your Core in Just 10 Minutes with Core Fusion! on Then I had a small glass of orange juice and some shrimp and grits. Lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich on cranberry walnut bread and another 20 minutes of walking and squats. I had a handful of nuts and a square of dark chocolate for a snack. Then a simple dinner of toast, chicken breast, swiss cheese, and carrots.

Tomorrow is a new day. One baby step at a time. Who says you have to wait until New Year’s Day to make a change?! Who’s with me?


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