Happy October! The Times They Are A-Changin’

I love fall, and this fall brings more than a changing season. It’s an autumn full of change. First, this week is my last week as Executive Assistant at the finance company I’ve been working at for the last seven and a half years. I only have two days left (kind of surreal, and I’m definitely going to miss a lot of folks). I am thankful for the experience and growth, both personally and professionally, and know that my  time there has prepared me for this next adventure. Starting next week, I’ll begin as Office Manager at Frontline Missions International. I love the organization and am very excited about this opportunity!

With the new job comes new responsibilities, new things to learn, new ways to grow. The hours are similar, but the location is closer to home–close enough to go home at lunch! I have high ambitions of taking time to read more and practice a little yoga on my lunch breaks, at least a couple of times a week.

I’m also committed to exercising more, beginning today (October 1st seemed like a good starting point). I started by heading to the gym with my good friend Ashley. We started with a little cardio, then moved to kettle bells, about 30 minutes of strength training, and finished with some core strengthening and stretching. Life has been so busy between weddings, wrapping up projects at work, and other activities and responsibilities. I’ve been lazy and lethargic. Today, I chose to sweat. And I want to continue.

Another thing I started back with today was tracking my calories using SparkPeople.com. I’ve put on a few pounds in my time of stressful busyness. It’s time to get those off. Anyone can feel free to ask me, “Have you tracked your food today?” More important than calories, I want to make sure that I’m eating whole foods–fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, organic meat, etc.

So, those are the things that are changing around here. What changes does fall bring for you?

One response to “Happy October! The Times They Are A-Changin’

  1. so excited for your changes!!! and props to you for getting back in the calorie counting game. I keep jumping in and out with keeping track of calories 😉

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