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“Dispatches from the Front” Now Available in a Boxed Set!

I recently started working for Frontline Missions International, and I wanted to let you know of an incredible resource that Frontline has available. Over the past several years, they’ve been producing the “Dispatches from the Front” DVD series, providing glimpses into international missions in the world’s hard to reach places. They are inspiring, convicting, Christ-focused and professionally produced!

The first five episodes of the “Dispatches from the Front” series are now available in a boxed set at Amazon for only $50! These boxed sets would make great gifts! It’s not too early to start planning for Christmas!

Boxed Set Includes the following DVDs (normally $15 per DVD):

  • Episode 1: Islands on the Edge (Southeast Asia)
  • Episode 2: A Bold Advance (Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro)
  • Episode 3: I Once Was Blind (West Africa)
  • Episode 4: Souls of the Brave (India)
  • Episode 5: Father, Give Me Bread (Ethiopia and South Sudan)

These videos are worth watching and sharing! And if you don’t want to take my word for it, here’s what others are saying:

  • “Beware of watching these Dispatches if you don’t like being moved and inspired and shaken out of the ruts of your life. My wife and I were riveted in watching the frontline reports of God’s work recorded in the Dispatches from the Front. This is the sort of information that builds faith in the present providence of God over his mission, and stirs up action for the sake of lost and hurting people near and far. I would love to see thousands of people mobilized as senders and goers for the sake of the glory of Christ and the relief of suffering on the frontiers, especially eternal suffering. ” – John Piper, author of Desiring God; pastor for preaching and vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis
  • “I want, and I want my kids to have, a heart for world missions. These videos stir that passion. . . . I would highly recommend this series.” – Joshua Harris, senior pastor, Covenant Life Church, Gaithersburg, MD
  • Dispatches offers a potent reminder that in the darkest places, the gospel shines brightest. It should come with a warning label. Danger: Graphic scenes of mission reality that will disrupt your comfort and ignite your heart for God’s work on the frontlines. Pray, watch and act!”  Dave Harvey, Sovereign Grace Ministries, Church Planting & Missiology
  • Dispatches is like watching a reality television show. You feel like you are there, and you sense the emotions and crises of the people you meet on the screen; but it is not entertainment. It opens the vistas of spiritual reality, and after it is over you can’t just turn it off and walk away. You have to pray and say, ‘Lord, what would you have me do?’”  Mark Vowels, director of missions, Bob Jones University, and long-time friend of the family
  • “In Dispatches from the Front: Islands on the Edge the stories are powerful because the Gospel is powerful. We made this DVD presentation the focal point of a Sunday evening service recently, and the Lord used it to cause our people to “lift up their eyes and look on the fields” in new and fresh ways–seeing the faces, hearing the voices, and sharing in the sorrows and joys of our brothers and sisters in southeast Asia.”  Dan Brooks, senior pastor, Heritage Bible Church, Greer, SC, and my pastor

Order Here! You will not regret it!

Homemade All-Natural Burn Remedy: Three Ingredients

This week, while I was baking bread, I made a classic mistake: I forgot that the lid of the casserole dish had preheated in the 450 degree oven for 30 minutes! Ouch!  I pulled the dish and lid out of the preheated oven with my oven mitts, took the lid off, took my mitts off, put the bread in the dish, grabbed the lid, and promptly dropped it on the open oven door. Fortunately, neither shattered. I hardly had it in my hand, and it didn’t hurt that badly, so I put my mitts back on, covered the dish and put it back in the oven. As soon as I closed the oven door, it hit me! Ai yai yai!

I immediately put my right hand under running cold water. My laptop was already in the kitchen for looking up the bread recipe, so I attempted to type with my left hand, researching ways to treat burns. I had heard you shouldn’t use burn cream the first 24 hours after a burn (it locks in the heat instead of treating the sub-dermal layers). There were mixed reviews on things like butter and ice, so I avoided those too. After 20-30 minutes of cold water on my hand, I attempted one remedy that suggested dipping the burn in vanilla extract. That did nothing but make my hand smell good. It still felt like it was burning (though I’m told that’s pain receptors, not heat receptors, so I took some Tylenol to alleviate the pain). Yes, I know Tylenol isn’t all-natural, but we’re getting there.

That night, I couldn’t really do anything else with my hand, so Bryan helped me finish the bread, and I wrapped an ice pack with a kitchen towel and stuck my hand between that and my pillow overnight. It felt a little better in the morning, but it still looked like it might blister and was very sensitive. I used some aloe, and then put on bandaids (to prevent infection, just in case it did blister), and went to work.

One of the ladies at work suggested, which is a great all-natural remedy resource, as well as BurnJel, an over-the-counter burn cream with tea tree oil in it. That got me thinking. So I mixed together about 2 tablespoons of aloe vera and a teaspoon of tea tree oil, and then added about 2 tablespoons of Curel Oatmeal Lavender lotion, so it could permeate the skin and heal the deeper layers instead of only relieving the topical problems. The next day, there was no blister, no pain, and I could barely tell I’d been burned. It was amazing! I only treated in the morning and evening for two days, and now it looks back to normal. Praise the Lord!

Homemade Bread and Apricot Butter!

With this new job change, I’m closer to home and able to come home at lunch. During my week off between jobs, I let my domestic side come out a bit and started baking bread again. I got this recipe from my friend Gina and have started experimenting a bit. The first time I made it, I used 100% whole wheat flour. It was hearty and tasted very European. The next time I used 1 cup whole wheat flour and 2 cups of bread flour. This yielded a softer, yet still hearty bread with a nice crust. I’m trying this one again today. On Sunday, I also made some apricot butter (my favorite part is flambéing the apricots). Check out the recipes below.


Happy October! The Times They Are A-Changin’

I love fall, and this fall brings more than a changing season. It’s an autumn full of change. First, this week is my last week as Executive Assistant at the finance company I’ve been working at for the last seven and a half years. I only have two days left (kind of surreal, and I’m definitely going to miss a lot of folks). I am thankful for the experience and growth, both personally and professionally, and know that my  time there has prepared me for this next adventure. Starting next week, I’ll begin as Office Manager at Frontline Missions International. I love the organization and am very excited about this opportunity!

With the new job comes new responsibilities, new things to learn, new ways to grow. The hours are similar, but the location is closer to home–close enough to go home at lunch! I have high ambitions of taking time to read more and practice a little yoga on my lunch breaks, at least a couple of times a week.

I’m also committed to exercising more, beginning today (October 1st seemed like a good starting point). I started by heading to the gym with my good friend Ashley. We started with a little cardio, then moved to kettle bells, about 30 minutes of strength training, and finished with some core strengthening and stretching. Life has been so busy between weddings, wrapping up projects at work, and other activities and responsibilities. I’ve been lazy and lethargic. Today, I chose to sweat. And I want to continue.

Another thing I started back with today was tracking my calories using I’ve put on a few pounds in my time of stressful busyness. It’s time to get those off. Anyone can feel free to ask me, “Have you tracked your food today?” More important than calories, I want to make sure that I’m eating whole foods–fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, organic meat, etc.

So, those are the things that are changing around here. What changes does fall bring for you?