Product Review: Früsh

A while back, a marketing firm contacted me about a new product that’s hitting grocery stores near me. They sent me some goodies to share, along with an amazing little packet of reference materials about a new drinkable yogurt called Früsh. Früsh is all-natural yogurt with fresh fruit and added probiotics and calcium for a healthy snack or part of your breakfast routine.

The packet: a cooler with ice packs and 24 bottles of Früsh, a banner, product materials and coupons, 2 drawstring backpacks, and some buttons!

I’m not sure the exact meaning behind the name, but to me it’s a “Fruit Rush” – fruit yogurt on-the-go! I tasted it and thought it was  pretty good, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me, so I took the samples they sent me into my office and did a taste testing!

“The Goods”

Here are some of the guinea pigs at my Office Sampling Party:

Sampling Party at Work!

Now let’s see what these volunteer taste testers had to say about their experience:

Let’s start with the CONs:

Mark said, “The texture is different. I’m used to Naked Juice.”

Jake also said, “They’re slightly too sweet. I prefer kefir.”

John said, “The blueberry is too ‘yogurty’. The strawberry’s good and the peach is alright. The strawberry banana tastes artificial, even though it’s not.”

Janice also said, “The strawberry banana tasted like the container” [note: no one else had this opinion, but in the effort of full disclosure, I decided to include it.]

Janice also thought the strawberry was the best, but that the grams of sugar were too high.

Ashley said, “If you mix it with Greek yogurt, it would be better. It’s not terrible but really sweet. The bottle is cool, unless you have big hands or are a lefty.”

One thing my sister pointed out was that it doesn’t have active live cultures in the yogurt, even though it does have probiotics.

And now let’s look at the PROs:

Matt said, “The peach is the best!”

Jake said, “I enjoyed all of them.”

Ken said, “It’s like a healthy jello shot. I like all of them, but the strawberry and peach are at the top.”

Janice said, “I don’t normally like blueberries, but the blueberry Früsh is good.”

Mandy said, “The peach is my favorite. Then the strawberry. Cool containers!”

Ryan said, “I’m not a fan of blueberry, but the peach and strawberry taste like heaven.”

Greg said, “It tastes like a melted strawberry milkshake, and I love strawberry milkshakes!” He liked all of them.

Kyle liked all of them too.

Rebecca said, “I don’t normally like strawberry banana, but I liked all of them. The peach was my favorite.

And my favorite review from Miss Marian: “That strawberry’s wonderful! I’d keep that in my fridge. I definitely would buy it.” Peach was her second favorite.

Here’s some Nutritional Info from the company: FRUSH Nutritional Overview Page!

My nephews liked it too:

And, last but not least, my opinion:

“I liked all the flavors, especially the peach. I actually liked it better than kefir, personally, because it wasn’t sour at all; however, I did think they were slightly too high in sugar. I definitely appreciated that the ingredients were all-natural; even the colorings came from fruit and vegetable extracts! That’s a definite plus in my book. The bottles fit really well in my hand (though I do see the point about not fitting well in lefties’ hands). And it was a great, quick breakfast on the way to work, paired with a granola bar (and some coffee, of course).”

Overall, I think this is a really good product and I hope it does well. Look for it in the following grocery stores near you:

  • Bi-Lo
  • Harris Teeter
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Ingles
  • Wilco
  • Food City
  • Food Lion
  • Winn Dixie
  • Lowes Food
  • Hannaford
  • Price Chopper

GIVE-AWAY: Since I was given these goods, I wanted to share! So, I have 2 drawstring backpacks and some coupons, and I’m willing to ship them to three or four of my fans. All you have to do is answer the following question below by this Friday, September 7, 2012, and I’ll do a random drawing.

The question: Have you tried Früsh? What did you think? (And if you would like a backpack and coupons or just coupons if you win?)

One response to “Product Review: Früsh

  1. Found these two articles to help on the probiotic vs. live & active cultures: was helpful re: probiotics, and … It’s possible that their probiotics have live & active strains, but they didn’t claim it. I’m just used to seeing that in the ingredient list, if it’s really there. Thought the wording on the package was a bit vague.

    I liked the consistency, but I think I’ll stick with my Greek yogurt. =) Thanks for the samples, for dinner, for talking, and for the encouragement to exercise. I ended up fast walking 2.5 mi on the outdoor track, then going into the fitness center for some stretching & weights (and a talk with a good friend).

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