Simplifying the Laundry Closet

Our “Laundry Room” is more of a hallway closet than it is a room, but it does have some nice storage space. Life has a habit of getting busier and busier (thus “Project Simplify” for the month of August). One thing that happens with a busy schedule is a directly correlating increase in clutter…and laundry.

This past weekend was the first real weekend I’ve had off in about 6 weeks (more like a year and a half for my husband). So, we did some little organization things that we’ve been meaning to do for some time. The first thing I tackled was the laundry closet. It’s where we keep many of our frequently used tools and less frequently used kitchen items (like the large crockpots, coffee urns for parties, etc.), and laundry supplies, of course.

I couldn’t bring myself to take a BEFORE picture, but here’s the AFTER:

Pegboards are a wonderful thing. And I started using my old compost bin for lint trash.

Shelves for Laundry and Party Supplies. Green bag for giveaway items. Note: a towel rack hung above the drier works perfectly for a drying rack (thank you to the previous homeowners for installing that). 

I still want to add an extra shelf above the back of the washer and dryer, so things can’t fall back there. And that will give more space for work shoes, laundry detergent supplies, etc. It just looks so much nicer now!

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