The Gospel in Two Minutes: All Things to All People

My brother shared this on FB the other day, and it’s got a message that I had to share. If you don’t like rap, remember that we are told to be “all things to all people” and as long as it isn’t against God, it’s for Him. Think of it as a spoken poem, if you will, and rejoice in the Truth with a culturally relative message.

The Gospel in Two Minutes by Trip Lee (courtesy of Desiring God Ministries):

As my sister said, “Just shared this with three teen boys at the GHS (sitting in the [hospital] waiting room …). They were showin’ off with their homespun raps, and they LOVED this! Thanks, little bro!!! It may not be my language, but it was theirs!” And, “Brought back two more friends to hear it. Very cool. They say about the one girl, ‘She don’t like rap.’ And I could look at her and tell her, ‘I don’t really either, but this guy does a pretty good job of weaving in all those really cool gospel words and telling people about Jesus.’ She liked that.”

Meet people where they are and tell them about Christ in their language. The culture or style may be different, but the Gospel is the same. Amen and Amen!

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