Product Review: Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal ‘Coffee’

I actually won a blog giveaway!

My mother in law introduced me to Teecinno a couple of years ago. It’s an acid-free, caffeine-free beverage that you prepare like coffee. Even though my personal preference is still coffee, if you want a similar flavor in the evening, or when you’re not feeling well or maybe pregnant, this is a valid alternative.

I won a package of the Southern Pecan Teeccino from Simply Life Blog (one of those blogs I follow almost daily–thank you very much for the sample!), and it came with some coupons as well. If I think of it as a nutritional beverage, I’m better off. For some reason when I think of it as coffee, my expectations are too high, and I end up disappointed. The Southern Pecan and French Roast were not my favorite, probably because they’re my two favorite coffee varieties, but they’re okay. I used one of my coupons on a pack of the Maya Chai and did not care for it at all (just being honest). However, the Vanilla Nut Teeccino I actually enjoy quite a bit (that’s the one my mother in law usually has around).

Do you drink Teeccino? What’s your favorite flavor?

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