Change of Plans

At the beginning of March, I posted some personal goals for the month regarding diet and exercise (see blog post). I tried the grain-free diet for about a week and just couldn’t do it. Part of the reason was that I just love whole grain bread, and part of the reason was based on a theological study I started doing on the biblical view of food and drink.

I began in Genesis and started writing down every time food or drink was mentioned. One thing that stuck out was that God gave grain to His people for food, and if God gave it, it’s a good gift. Now, we still have to watch that we’re not overdoing it or eating it in excess, but in moderation, I believe grains are a good thing, so I added them back in. (See Genesis 3:19; 14:18; 18:5-8; 19:3; 27:28, 37; etc.)

As for the exercise, I’ve done maybe half of the days as far as the Abs workout goes, but I’ve also added lots of walking (thank goodness for this beautiful weather!) and some yoga/stretching back in. Hoping to increase that, especially as it continues to get warm. The winter is always so hard for me to get motivated to exercise, but hopefully spring will be a refreshing season with lots of walks and maybe some bike rides.

So, that’s where I am. The thing with goals is that they’re just that–goals, targets, not death or life–and in life, target’s are always moving. So rather than beating yourself up about missing a goal, focus on the progress you’ve made. And even if you’ve taken five steps forward and four steps back, you’re still one step closer to the end goal, so be encouraged by that.

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