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Special Services at Heritage Bible with Chris Anderson: I Am The Samaritan Woman, Part III

Part Three: Christ Turns Sinners into Worshipers – John 4:19-26

Song Service: I Will Glory in My Redeemer; What Wondrous Love Is This; Amazing Grace; How Deep the Father’s Love For Us; All, Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.

Jesus talks about living water, sinful history, desperate need, then…worship?! Wow. That was random. Worship? How does that fit? Here’s how:

I. Worship must be according to Scripture, not tradition. (See Malachi 1:11) Judaism started out right in worship and people messed it up with hypocrisy and pride.

II. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice. John 1:14, “The Word became flesh (human) and dwelt (tabernacled) among us.”John 14:6, “No one comes through the Father but through Me [Jesus].” Sacrifice was not the pictures we see on Sunday School flannel graph boards with a lamb and a little trickle of blood coming from it’s neck. It was a bloody mess: priests would splash the altar with buckets of blood, and at Passover, over a quarter of a million sacrifices were being made!

III. Jesus replaces the Jewish Temple. “The hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father.” Something else is on the horizon…Jesus! John 2:19-22 – The new temple is Jesus’ body. The temple was where God was approached by sinners and where God’s wrath was appeased. David grieved over being exiled because he couldn’t freely go to the temple.

In Genesis 3, the original fall of man occurred. Rebelling sinners don’t seek God; they run from Him. Adam and Eve hid themselves. God sought them out and He’s been seeking sinners ever since. The Garden of Eden was a sanctuary of communion with God (the original holy of holies). Sin broke the fellowship between God and man and cherubim with swords were placed at the entrance of the garden representing the broken communion. Exodus 26 describes the tabernacle. It was the new sanctuary of communion with God. In Matthew 27, at Christ’s crucifixion, Christ replaced the temple. The curtain was torn in two, as Jesus’ body was torn for sin (v.51). The greatest benefit we have is access to the throne of God – the holy of holies. (See I Peter 3:18; Hebrews 10:3-25, esp. v. 12 & 22; Romans 5:2)

William Cowper wrote, “Jesus, where’re Thy people meet, There they behold Thy mercy seat; Where’er they seek Thee Thou art found, And every place is hallowed ground.”

Conclusion: John 4:23, “The Father is seeking such people to worship him.” This is the great plot of history. He is purposefully, intentionally seeking sinners. Where does He find people to worship Him? Are they willing and ready? No. They’re rebels. We’re rebels. Strays. He doesn’t find them. He makes them. He makes them out of Samaritan women – sinners like you and me – thru the salvation in Jesus alone. Amen and Amen!

Looking forward to the fourth and final message in the series tomorrow night at 7PM – Christ Turns Worshipers Into Missionaries!

Recipe: Creamy Dijon Dill Broccoli Salad with Shallots, Red Pepper and Currants

Perfect combo of tangy, crunchy and sweet! Fresh and colorful side dish for any picnic lunch! Of course, I recommend fresh, local, organic produce, if at all possible! Yum!

½ c. mayonnaise (I used Smart Balance)
2-3 Tbsp. sugar
1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 tsp. Dijon (or spicy brown mustard)
1 tsp. Dried Tarragon
1 tsp. Dried Dill
Pinch of Herb de Provence, optional
2 small heads of Broccoli, chopped into bite size pieces (florets only)
2 Tbsp. finely chopped Shallot (1-2 small)
2 Tbsp. finely chopped Red Bell Pepper (1/4 or less of a pepper)
¼ c. Dried Currants (could use raisins if currants are unavailable)
¼ c. Sliced Almonds

Whisk together mayo, sugar, vinegar, mustard, and herbs.
Chop vegetables. Add currants and almonds and gently toss with dressing.
A few pieces of crumbled bacon would be a nice touch in this as well.

Bon Appetit!

Special Services at Heritage Bible with Chris Anderson: I Am The Samaritan Woman, Part I and II

Each year our church, Heritage Bible Church, does a special services week around this time of year (times and directions on the website). This year’s guest speaker is pastor, author and songwriter, Chris Anderson. There are two sermons left, and already, it’s been amazing! The series is “I am the Samaritan Woman” from John 4.

Part One: Christ Seeks Sinners –  John 4:1-9

Song Service: O For a Thousand Tongues; We Will Glorify; Be Still My Soul/It Is Well with My Soul medley; His Robes for Mine (by Chris Anderson); God of Grace; I Will Glory in My Redeemer.

I. Divine Appointment/Pursuit – Jesus and the disciples were going from Judea to Galilee. Most Jews would go around the region of Samaria, rather than go through it (Samaria was considered a social and religious mix breed and looked down upon by the Jews of the day). Jesus, however, says he “had to pass through Samaria.” He didn’t have a time constraint to get to Galilee by a certain time (he took several days in Samaria to teach the people). He could’ve gone around the area, as was the status quo. But instead, he says he “had to pass through Samaria.” He takes the initiative. The Samaritans were unclaimed, unwanted, hated. Then there was this woman – she was the not just a Samaritan, she was the hated of the hated, the worst of the worst, in the standard of the day. And Jesus – deity – took upon himself flesh – became human – understood what it meant to be weary, thirsty, and sweaty – acquainted himself with every feeling we have – in order to be our Savior. (see Luke 19:10)

II. Relentless Love, v.7-9 – Jesus is never too weary to pursue one who is lost; never too tired to do good to a soul; never too proud to talk with a socially despised and rejected person. John 4 is a microcosm of what God is doing in the world, which started in the Garden of Eden.

Application: Kindness is disarming. Be attentive. Intentionally invest in people. Jesus crossed social, intellectual, moral, physical, gender, religious, ethnic/political (and at other times medical) boundaries to save a sinner and make her a trophy of His grace. We are called to do the same. So stop texting. Look up and into eyes. Engage people for Christ. Care about people. Pray. Tell them about Jesus – the “omni-gracious” God.

Conclusion: There is no one too holy to need the gospel (John 3: Nicodemus, the Pharisee); there is no one too lowly to receive the gospel (John 4: The Samaritan Woman). I am the Pharisee; and I am the Samaritan Woman. We are all a mess; and Jesus is a great Savior!

Part Two: Christ Satisfies Sinners – John 4:10-18

Song Service: Come, Thou Fount; O, To See the Dawn (The Power of the Cross); Speak, O Lord; In Christ Alone.

True Thirst results in dehydration, agony, and eventually death. A culture of grace means that everyone is more aware of his own sins than others’ sins, and everyone is more aware of God’s grace than of his own sin.

John 2:23-25 – God knows every one of us. John 3: He knew Nicodemus. John 4: He knew the Samaritan woman. v.10 – “If you knew…”: if only you knew who Christ was and what you were missing! There’s a free gift available: living water!

John 4:15 – The Samaritan woman is interested in this gift. She wants it. G.Campbell Morgan says her wanting it is “a sigh – a sob of discontented, disappointed thirst.” She didn’t fully understand her need yet. She’s evasive. Jesus points out her sin with gracious severity! The One bringing up the sin was the One who dies for those sins. He shows her her guilt so He can show her His grace.

She’s not just guilty; she’s needy. She needs forgiveness AND fulfillment. Christ exposes her history (5 divorces), her sin (currently living with man who’s not her husband), and her dissatisfaction (she’d been used and discarded multiple times). She’s thirsty. Spiritual thirst needs spiritual water. And His spiritual water (salvation) is cleansing AND thirst-quenching! Christ can meet the need immediately – now – and eternally. But salvation is not just for death! Don’t miss the present, enduring, eternal joy and satisfaction of Jesus. (see John 7:37-39)

Application: Why live your life thirsty and go into eternity thirsty? What are you waiting for? Jesus satisfies you now! There is more pleasure in Jesus than anything. Compare Psalm 103:5 with Ecclesiastes.

Conclusion: St. Augustine wrote, “Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.” And John Piper said, “I know of no other way to triumph over sin long-term than to gain a distaste for it, because of a superior satisfaction in God.” (See Isaiah 55; Jeremiah 2:13)

Weekly Basket and Meal Plan

This Week’s Basket from Milk and Honey Organics included Parisi Farms Beets with Greens, Carrots, Garnet Yams, Leeks, Rio Red Ruby Grapefruit, Shallots, D’Anjou Pears, Honey Tangerines, Brussels Sprouts, Parisi Farms Collard Greens, Red Bell Peppers, and (Boston) Butter Lettuce.

This Week’s Meal Plan:

Recipes from This Week’s Meal Plan:

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Weekly Basket and Meal Plan

This Week’s Basket from Milk and Honey Organics Included: Golden Nugget Mandarins, Golden Delicious Apples, Ruby (pink) Grapefruit, Limes, Parisi Green Onions, Green Leaf Lettuce, Parisi Cabbage, Hass Avocados, Parisi Broccoli, Red Potatoes, and Grape Tomatoes.

This Week’s Meal Plan:

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Weekly Recipes and Meal Plan

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This Week’s Basket from Milk and Honey Organics Included: Braeburn Apples, Green Beans, Beets, Brussels Sprouts, Local Lacinato Kale, Kiwifruit, Romaine Lettuce, Golden Nugget Mandarins, White Onions, Cara Cara Red Navel Oranges, Parsley, and Local Covington Sweet Potatoes.

This Week’s Meal Plan:


Recipes from This Week’s Meal Plan: