New Cherry Bookshelf…and I Built It Myself! (with help from my father-in-law, of course)

Finally finished building my new cherry bookshelf and got it put together in the living room! Love it! Thanks, Dad McKinnon!

Bryan and I have been wanting some of these leaning bookshelves for years. Bryan’s dad has a wood shop at his house, and we finally built one as part of my Christmas gift this year. I love it!!

We used Pottery Barn’s Studio Wall Shelf as a pattern – the tab with “Dimensions & Care” gives every last bit of information you could possibly want to know! Bryan’s dad had been given some cherry wood, and we put a dark stain and high gloss finish on it to make it really shine! Love, love, love this shelf and can’t wait to build another (which is kind of good, since my father-in-law liked it so much he decided to build one for himself – so now I get to help him finish that).

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