Cold, Flu or Allergies? Quiz and All-Natural Remedies!

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Cold and Flu season is here. And ragweed is in full bloom – for a longer season than normal. Often, these three have similar symptoms. Not sure if you have a Cold, Flu, or Allergies? Check out this Quiz from the Ladies Home Journal to determine which one you have.

If you determine you have the flu, here is a great resource for All Natural Remedies for Flu from Dr. Lynn Kerew, Chiropractic.

For allergies, try local raw milk and/or local honey – the closer to your home that the honey is harvested, the better. Also, staying hydrated will help. Dr. Lynn Kerew has some tips for All Natural Allergy Relief as well.

For a cold (aka, virus), get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, and consider increasing your vitamins.

My favorite drink when I’m sick is ginger honey tea: peel and chop 1 inch of fresh ginger root and place in a tea ball; add 1-2 tsp. of local raw honey and 8 oz. of hot water; steep for 3-5 minutes; add a fresh lemon wedge or a squeeze of lemon juice, if desired. A close second would be peppermint tea with local honey.

Hopefully you can avoid being under the weather this year, but just in case, take advantage of the resources above. Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

2 responses to “Cold, Flu or Allergies? Quiz and All-Natural Remedies!

  1. I have to find good local honey. I use Canadian clover honey but need to find something closer in USA.

    As for colds and flus

    Dual flu infections:
    Australian scientists have discussed this “dual flu infection” phenomenon reported by Japanese scientists in 16 students.
    1) They reported that vaccination with the regular flu season vaccine resulted in a higher risk of infection with H1N1 and they give their scientific opinion on why that happened in some areas of the world and not in others.
    2) They hypothesize that a strand-transcending short-term immunity results. In other words, it is usually rare that two strains of influenza A attack in the same year and so close to the infection by the other strain. If the second strain attacks quickly after the first strain infects, then there is some transient immunity which protects; however, longer this gap this immunity wanes. So, by their theory, dual infections have a gap.

    Super immunity:
    This is the “holy grail” of flu scientists – to discover the one vaccine that will prevent all strains of flu. Apparently, natural survivors of the H1N1 infection may have a “super immunity” to all known Influenza A strains of the flu virus. A BBC article. describes Dr Patrick Wilson and his colleagues work on this. In my opinion, lets see what happens in the next few flu seasons.

    However, scientists caution that a vaccine developed to achieve similar “super immunity” results will have to undergo several years of clinical trials before being eligible to be marketed.

    Many prefer no vaccine – obviously if you have never had the flu, chances are you will never get it, so why take the vaccine. However, if you do get the flu then chances are you should get the vaccine to prevent the flu.

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