All-Natural Chung’s in the Freezer Section

Here’s a new All-Natural Chinese option I found in the freezer section at Publix this week: Chung’s All-Natural! We tried the Teriyaki Chicken (it was okay, but had a few too many red peppers for me), the Vegetable Egg Rolls (very good!) and the Vegetable Pot Stickers (little dumplings that are also quite good). The freezer packages come with little individual sauce packets as well!

The Egg Rolls came in a box of four and each pair was wrapped together, and the Pot Stickers came with a resealable bag, so you could easily stretch it to make two meals (like we did). Better for you than take-out but every bit as fast. The Egg Rolls were the most time-consuming, and they only took 12 minutes in the oven (3 minutes if you use the microwave, but we don’t own one). Dinner is served!

This is the full box of Teriyaki Chicken, half box of Vegetable Egg Rolls and half box of Vegetable Pot Stickers (chopsticks not included; fortunately, we keep them on hand).

5 responses to “All-Natural Chung’s in the Freezer Section

  1. I’m a little leery of the “all natural” label. Does it have wheat or soy in it? If it does and they’re not labeled organic, you can be fairly certain they come from genetically modified, Round Up ready seed. Although, I agree it’s probably better than most of the options for take-out. Did you see Kimberly Kelly’s quick mushroom dinner? I’d love to try that one!

    • Yes, “all natural” is definitely a subjective term. These products do contain soy and/or wheat, and they are not specifically labeled as organic, but I could still read the ingredients on the label, which is always a plus. 🙂 No, I didn’t see Kimberly’s mushroom dinner, but we do love mushrooms in this house. 🙂 Thanks for passing that along.

  2. looks really good–thanks for passing this on!

  3. I’ve never seen or tried these before- great to know!

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