Aid or Addiction?!

Pinterest is an online profile that can link to your Facebook or Twitter accounts and let you save (aka “pin”) things in groups (aka “boards”). It’s literally a virtual bulletin board (or boards). It can be extremely helpful with meal planning, finding recipes, cute pictures or quotes, or finding DIY instructions on how to build or craft something. Here’s a snapshot of my Pinterest profile to give you an idea:

As helpful as this site may be, caution is necessary, as it can also be addicting…VERY addicting! You may start out by saying, “Oh, I’ll just see what my friends have pinned today,” and three hours later, you realize, “Oh my word, I now have 3 boards full of recipe ideas and 15 minutes to get dinner on the table for my family!”

You can search what “Pinners you follow” have pinned recently, see “Everything” that everyone on the site has pinned recently, narrow your search by category or even key word. Here’s an example, including the list of current key categories:

You can let someone else know you “like” something, “pin” to your own custom “boards,” share on Facebook, or just browse. If you’re searching “Everything,” it’s important to note that they can’t control everything everyone links to this host, so some things may not be G rated; so, it’s probably not the best site to let your kids play on, but it can be a good resource.

Some standard definitions of

And finally, 

One response to “ Aid or Addiction?!

  1. I love it! I’ve been able to clear out my bookmarks and the saved posts I had starred in Google Reader. And, yes it can be addicting 🙂

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