The Noisy Rabbit Produce Pick-Up in Greenville, SC

Here’s a new great resource in the Greenville, SC, area: The Noisy Rabbit. My friend Rachel Siglin started getting her produce here a few weeks ago and has really been enjoying it. She and her husband and one of their neighbors split the basket each week, so it’s only half as expensive for each family. It’s not organic, but it’s still produce, and heaven knows we could all use more of that in our diets. Here’s what she has to say about her experience with The Noisy Rabbit:

“Pickup for Noisy Rabbit is once a week at one of their many Greenville locations.  Each member is supplied with a basket to bring each week.  Produce is fresh and they supply a good variety.  One of my favorite aspects is the more unusual items like rutabaga, avocado, various peppers, and pineapple.  Even with splitting my basket, I often have more produce than I can use in a week, but I don’t have to feel bad even if something does go bad since I’m only paying $7.50 a week plus the bi-yearly $15 registration fee.  Another benefit is that grocery trips have been minimized so I’m not seeing all those ‘extras’ at the store that seem to end up in my basket every shopping trip. BTW–the samples below are whole baskets before we split them.”

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