Produce Spotlight: Lemons

I can’t help but smile when I see the sunshine of lemons sitting on my table or in my fridge! We all know the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” And that’s a great use for lemons; but lemons can be used for so many more things. Lemons are an amazing and beautiful fruit, nutrient dense and full of benefits for your body. Lemon juice is a natural antibacterial and high in Vitamin C, which can boost our immune systems while assisting in calcium absorption. It’s also great for reducing phlegm and stomach irritation. Here are some ideas to get you started. The possibilities are endless!

Whole Fruit:

  • A bowl of whole lemons makes a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Or you can add them to the bottom of a large vase and top with a flower arrangement.
  • Smell a lemon if you have a sweet craving you’re trying to curb!

Wedges and Slices:

  • Add to water for an alkalizing effect.
  • Add to punch for added flavor.
  • Add to hot tea with honey to help a sore throat.

Juice (the Inside):

  • Make lemonade, of course!
  • Add to your favorite recipes: works well with savory and sweet dishes.
  • Add to your washing machine or dishwasher to help whiten clothes and rinse dishes.
  • Add to cut fruit (like apples and bananas) or other produce (like potatoes and avocados) to slow down oxidation (what turns them brown).
  • Combine with water and use as a natural face cleanser (watch the eyes!).
  • Lighten up your hair!
  • Lemon Juice, Vinegar and Water make a great all-natural all-purpose household cleaner.
  • Lemon Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar and Salt Water (equal parts) makes a great spray for your next grilled pork or chicken cookout (sprinkle meat with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and spray with solution throughout grilling process)!

Peel (the Outside):

  • Add zest to dishes for extra bright touch to your meal.
  • Drop down the garbage disposal to remove those unpleasant odors.
  • Dry excess zest and save for future recipes.


  • Rub the inside of the used lemon on  your cut boards to naturally cleanse.
  • Or add baking soda to the inside of the used lemon and rub on your elbows as a natural exfoliator.
  • Set a bowl of halved and juiced lemons out as a natural air freshener.
  • Put small pieces of lemons in cracks where bugs get in as a natural repellant.
  • Rub on your hands and wash them with salt to remove garlic, onion, and fish odors.
  • Finally, throw the used lemons in your compost or add them directly to the soil below plants that grow best in acidic soils, like azaleas, rhododendrons and hydrangeas.

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One response to “Produce Spotlight: Lemons

  1. I love this! Thanks for bringing so many things together in one resource spot!! You’re fabulous!

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