Fresh Fruit Sorbet Formula

Summer’s Not Complete Without Fresh Fruit Sorbet! And here’s an easy recipe that will help you mix and match your favorite fruits into frozen treats!,,55787-VIDEO,00.xml&channel=55787

(The video above is powered by Flash. If unable to view, check it out on Food Network here.)

  • 2 lbs. fresh fruit (peel and pit stone fruits; hull berries), washed & roughly chopped
  • 8 oz. sugar
  • 1 oz. lemon juice (that’s 2 Tbsp.)
  • 1/2 oz. vodka (that’s 1 Tbsp.)
  • 1 pinch kosher salt

Process all ingredients in food processor till smooth, then chill completely before adding to ice cream maker. Follow ice cream maker instructions and store in freezer.

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