Another “Catching Up” Blog Post

Recently, it seems like my life has been in survival mode. I have all these great ideas to blog about at work, but it’s against the rules, and by the time I get home, I just haven’t felt like blogging. Well, lots has been going on. Let’s recap over the last few months:

  • Bryan started working night shift. This has been a total change in meal planning, sleep schedules, and social activities, but we’re thankful he has a job.
  • Bryan bought a motorcycle to get to said job. This wasn’t my first choice for transportation for him (okay, it was probably my last choice…still kinda freaks me out each night when he leaves), but it was affordable and he seems to really enjoy it. It definitely saves on gas money, though he jokes about being a good omen for rain – ever since he got the bike, it seems like it’s dry on his days off and rains every night he has to go in. So, he really hasn’t had to ride a ton. I told him not to be surprised if I ask him to give it up whenever we have kids. He responded by telling me not to be surprised if he says no, to which I responded by telling him not to be surprised if I don’t take no for answer on this one. He just smiled, resigning to reality.
  • I started a new job, still working for the same company, but in a different role with a lot less stress.
  • My sister had a baby! Baby Mark is SO cute and really is a good baby! I’m so happy she gets to stay home with Mark and her two older boys Micah and Jordan for now.
  • My brother got engaged! We finally got to meet Lissa over 4th of July weekend, and I think she’s going to fit in just splendidly. Wedding will likely be in NYC, which makes me even more excited because visiting the Big Apple is on my bucket list.
  • I stopped doing personal training for my clients.  It frees up an extra evening or two, which is ultimately supposed to give me time to study for my personal trainer certification test. Definitely still something I want to do, but I’m enjoying the break for now (though I do miss my clients). I have the materials. I just have to sit down and study now.
  • I started blogging for Milk and Honey Organics. I get “free” produce for blogging for them, which is about the same cost/value as I got from personal training, so I pretty much come out even on this. I would love to become a blogger/editor on the side eventually and be able to come home full-time.
  • We’re still trying to sell our house. Anyone want a cute 3 bedroom-2.5 bath home with a screened in back porch and fenced in back yard?! We have great neighbors too!
  • Bryan’s considering another degree to become either a Nurse or Dental Hygienist.
  • I helped hang sheet rock and install porch railings with Homes of Hope on some houses our company is helping build. Homes of Hope started as a Christian rehab organization and then the guys who make it through the Overcomers program help build homes for those in need in their local community, thus learning a trade that will help them get steady jobs in the future. It’s a really cool program!
  • I went to TN over Father’s Day and helped Dad work on the farm (got to use the Hydraulic Wood Splitter for the first time!). I also took my oldest nephews, Micah and Jordan, with me to see “Grandpa and Grandma” and give my sister a break and some time alone with her husband and the new baby. We had a lot of fun and listened to Bullfrogs and Butterflies (Christian music from when I was a kid) almost the whole way there and back!
  • I attempted (and failed) to fix both of our lawn mowers last Saturday. Fortunately, our neighbor was able to get one of them going (the one we borrowed from Bryan’s grandma). The other one was beyond hope, so I gave it to the neighbor to see if he could scrap some parts (he’s very handy like that).
  • Throw in Tuesday night pizza nights, church, work, family activities, etc., and it’s been one busy spring and early summer.

With all of this stuff (for lack of a better word) going on, I’ve had a harder time being in the Word. I’ve listened to some good sermons and read tidbits here and there, but I’m ready to really dive back in and soak it up again. For now, I’m going to keep going through the Psalms (with Charles Spurgeon’s help) and see where I end up.

We’re also going through the Minor Prophets in Sunday School, and they’ve been a real blessing. I’m thinking of pairing my Psalms study with whichever Minor Prophet we study on Sunday, to get a broader take on Scripture. This last week was about Nahum (a prophet about whom I sadly didn’t remember much). He was a prophet of comfort to Judah, but the comfort came through the destruction of Ninevah, a city that 100 years prior had turned to God after hearing Jonah’s testimony to them, but had departed again. I’m glad that I am one of God’s people, and that there is comfort for me in this weary world too.

I started mowing the lawn tonight after work and got rained out. I barely got the back yard and side strip done before the deluge hit! At least all I have to do in the morning is the front yard (that’s the easy part). Then I think I’ll go for a swim with my sister and nephews. Seems like a good thing to do on a summer Saturday, don’t you think?! So, what are your plans for this weekend?

2 responses to “Another “Catching Up” Blog Post

  1. Just wanted you to know I love you. Thank you for your transparency and your love for family. As I seek to set aside special quiet moments with our sweet Savior, I will be praying that He will keep you in His love as well. I have been encouraged recently by His Spirit’s whisper: “I WANT to encourage your heart, and it’s all right here in the Book I wrote for you.” Thankful for the relationship. So far to grow, but (as you say) “enjoying the journey!” Love you, sis.

  2. That is a busy few months…

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