I Love Summer Produce!

I love packing my lunch for work in the summer time! There are so many fresh produce options that are light and refreshing! Today, I had a black bean and provolone cheese whole wheat wrap loaded with veggies (lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, etc.) along with more carrots and cucumbers on the side, a fresh peach and a jar of watermelon cubes! Yum! The guys at work teased me for photographing my lunch at the office (though they admitted it was a beautiful and healthful lunch).

I didn't have a toothpick to hold the wrap together, so I used a carrot stick.

Then for dinner, I steamed some broccoli and boiled some fresh white corn while Bryan grilled some pepperoni and cheese sandwiches. I added a little bit of thinly sliced Vidalia onion and basil leaves to mine. We are simply in love with Applegate Farms’ Pepperoni right now. It’s hormone and antibiotic free, nitrate free, and the biggest slices of pepperoni you’ve ever seen!

All it's missing is some marinara sauce to dunk the sandwich in!

And I can’t wait to eat everything else in our Milk and Honey Organics basket from this week! Yum!! I assist M&H with some things, and received some apples in addition to the small basket.

The personal watermelon is so adorable! It's the size of a kid's soccer ball! (Confession: yes, I think fruit is cute. There, I've said it.)

One response to “I Love Summer Produce!

  1. You’re adorable, Mel. Thanks for sharing your delicious watermelon with us. And thank you so much for your encouragement toward healthful living (vs. weight watching, etc.). Love you, michelle

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