Why Make a Meal Plan?

Each week when I find out what’s going to be in our produce delivery, I begin a meal plan. It’s a simple chart of recipe ideas. I start with a list of what’s in this week’s basket as well as what I have on hand. Then I start searching recipe sites, cookbooks, magazines and blogs for new ideas, especially on the items I haven’t cooked with much but would hate to throw away. There are so many excellent resources at our fingertips!

Meal planning is a great way we found to trim our budget (and our waistlines). My goal each week is to use everything in our delivery and not have to purchase anything but staples at the grocery store. This is where the budget savings comes in. I don’t always stick to cooking the exact meal on the exact day it’s scheduled, but having a plan helps me utilize every piece of my basket to its fullest potential.

Also, it helps me think ahead and make sure I’m getting fresh, organic fruits and vegetables in my family’s diet. Sometimes it’s easier to get caught up in our all-to-busy lifestyles and run for take-out or quick fix foods (which are often overly processed and not good for us). When our meals are planned (including our snacks), we find ourselves snacking on extra pieces of fruit instead of sweets, so we avoid empty calories.

The Milk and Honey Organics basket helps me be creative with our menu too. We still have some standard meals that almost always show up on the menu (like Tuesday night Pizza Night), but we’re also able to try new things that I might not have picked up had I gone to the grocery store.

Investing time in writing out a meal plan helps me make the most of my time, money, and health. Below is my meal plan for this week. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. Click on the link below to view a PDF version with interactive links for recipes.

Weekly Meal Planner 6.3-9.11

Have a happy and healthy week! And don’t forget to place your order by Tuesday for next week’s basket of sweetness! Bon Appetit! ~Melissa

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