Preparing My Heart for Easter

We’ve always celebrated the triumphal entry of Christ on Palm Sunday at our local church. Many people read through the Scriptures that walk us through the Passion Week, while others watch “The Passion of the Christ” movie that came out several years ago. Churches hold services on Good Fridays, either between 1 and 3 p.m. (the hour that Christ died) or in the evenings (just after Christ was buried). We have an evening communion service to remember the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf. It’s always a good reminder. And then comes a weekend of reflection and worship, concluded with Easter morning, when Christ rose from the dead, conquering death and hell and sin on our behalf forever! And we rejoice!

I have a tradition that I started back in college of listening to “The Majesty and Glory of the Resurrection” CD by Billy Ray Hearn & Tom Fettke in preparation for Easter. I would play it in my dorm room as I read my Bible and got dressed for Easter service. It’s a wonderful reminder of God’s love for me and sacrifice for all of us. You can download the CD for $7.99 on Amazon.


Meanwhile, I’m reading an article my brother recommended to me: “Tim Keller on the Resurrection,” by Check it out here. I love the part where Tim says, “The resurrection was God’s way of stamping PAID IN FULL right across history so that nobody could miss it” and “The joy of your glory will be that much greater for every scar you bear. So live in the light of the resurrection and renewal of this world, and of yourself, in a glorious, never-ending, joyful dance of grace.”

Happy Easter!

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