Tonight’s Circuit Training

I had my clients start by walking 1/2 mile to warmup. Then we did the following circuit training routine: 4 stations – 3 exercises per station – 20 reps per repetition.

Station 1:

  • Tricep Kickback in Chair Position (5# weights, feet together, bend knees to “sit” as low as you can while performing the kickbacks)
  • The Hundreds (Pilates; remember to breathe)
  • Single Leg Stretch (Pilates: 20 per leg, 2 pulses on each leg as you pull it into your chest)

Station 2:

  • Sit-ups with Weighted Ball (use ball to assist in exercise)
  • Toe Touch (reach towards the ceiling, then bend down and touch your toes and repeat)
  • Zip-ups with Kettle Bell (remember to keep shoulders down and relaxed; lift weight with arms only)

Station 3:

  • Arm Pulses with Pilates Circle (hold circle with hands, arms straight out in front of you as you pulse and hold for 3 seconds 20 times)
  • Side Leg Rises (Pilates; lift legs together as you lie on your side; 20 on each side)
  • Side Kicks (Pilates; kick leg forward twice, back once, while lying on your side, keeping hips aligned)

Station 4:

  • Chair Dips
  • Thigh Master
  • Bicep Curls using Resistance Band


  • Spine Twist
  • Sitting Gluteus Stretch
  • Forward Bend
  • Neck Stretch
  • Arm Circles

One response to “Tonight’s Circuit Training

  1. You shold try this. It will kick your butt and there will be no doubt you burned some calories!!

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