Backyard Chicken Chat @ Furman This Saturday – and Where to Get Your Chicks!

Some day, I want to own and operate an organic Bed & Breakfast on about 3-10 acres of land with a mountain view, maybe even my own pond that I can stock fish in. I want to have a coffee-and-tea shop at the front, on three to ten acres of land, and grow my own vegetables, have fruit trees, and raise my own chickens. If you find yourself dreaming of things like this, you might be interested in The Backyard Chicken Chat this Saturday, March 26, at Furman University in Greenville, SC. Order tickets online for about $10 off the at-the-door price by clicking the logo below.


“edible UPCOUNTRY magazine and Furman University’s David E. Shi Center for Sustainability will hold a workshop on the fundamentals of backyard chicken keeping on Saturday, March 26 from 8:30 a.m. to noon at the McEachern Lecture Hall on the Furman campus.

““The Great Backyard Chicken Chat!” advance tickets* can be purchased online for $15 (plus small transaction fee). Tickets at the door are $25 (cash/check only), space available.

“The “Backyard Chicken Keeping 101” workshop promises to answer questions about types of breeds, coops, feed and more. An introductory workshop will be given by globally acclaimed poultry expert Jim Adkins of the International Centre for Poultry.

“Following Adkins’ talk will be a panel discussion by Upstate chicken keepers who are successfully raising flocks large and small. The panel will be led by Rebecca McKinney, local Master Gardener, backyard bird lover and co-founder of Growing Up Green Organics, LLC, anurban farm, training center and edible landscaping company. Panelists include edibleUPCOUNTRY contributors, Mary E. Miller and architect Jennifer Gosnell. Clemson Student Organic Farm Manager Shawn Jadrnicek will have a seat on the panel as well as Sylglenda Saziru of John Smith’s Hill Farm in Spartanburg and Chris Noel of Limestone Farms in Greer.

“For additional information contact or 864-395-9250.”

And, if you’re really interested in this, there are chickens and turkeys, bantams and ducks at TSC (Tractor Supply Co., or as my dad calls it, “THE Store Company”). Chicks are available March 2 through May 27! They’re so cute!

Also, check out  Made From Scratch by Jenna Woginrich for great tips from someone who started with a few chicks on her apartment’s back porch and ended up buying a farm!

One response to “Backyard Chicken Chat @ Furman This Saturday – and Where to Get Your Chicks!

  1. The Backyard Chicken Chat is officially sold out. You can still buy your chicks at TSC though! 🙂

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