“The Little Habits” by Leo Babauta of zenhabits.net

This post was really encouraging, and I just couldn’t help but share it. Below is an excerpt. To read the full post, click here.

‘Powerful indeed is the empire of habit.’ ~Publilius Syrus

“It’s amazing how big a difference a little thing can make. Starting your day mindfully with some tea, for example, can change your entire day. Clearing your desk will make your work day amazing. A smile from a loved one can mean the world.

“And when these little things are repeated daily, and formed into habits, their benefits increase not just by multiples but by exponents.

“The little habits can be life-changing.

“Everyone’s world-changing little habits will be different, but I’ll share a few of mine, and then some tips for forming them.”

Here’s some of the categories and tips Leo discusses:

  1. Get-in-the-door ritual.
  2. Put clothes away.
  3. Wash my bowl.
  4. Prepare meals in advance.
  5. Just step out the door.
  6. Clear distractions.
  7. Take a walk & reflect.
  8. Breathe.

And here are some tips from Leo to get yourself started:

  • Do one habit at a time.
  • Make it easy to do.
  • Do it consciously, very consciously at first.
  • Don’t allow any exceptions.
  • Post your progress publicly.
  • Keep doing it, every single day.
  • Enjoy the habit.


“Forming a habit can be easy, if you enjoy it, take it slowly, and do it mindfully.” ~Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

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